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TaeguTec  International English language Customer Seminar
Fall 2014
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TaeguTec Photo Gallery
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Eng Sem 14-DC3A6440-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6462-1

Eng Sem 14-IMG_5898-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6474-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6453-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6475-1

Eng Sem 14-IMG_5894-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6489-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6499-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6509-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6513-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6514-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6515-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6526-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6537-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6540-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6544-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6555-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6569-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6583-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6616-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6690-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6706-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6719-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6720-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6819-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6830-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6875-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6894-1

Eng Sem 14-DC3A6937-1

TaeguTec 2014 Roll Seminar for
Local Steel Manufacturing Leaders
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Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8665-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8674-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8682-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8684-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8708-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8710-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8723-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8728-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8755-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8770-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8772-1

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8800-1

TaeguTec Tools on Display at the 2014 Tampere Fair in Finland
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Finland Tampere Fair 14-image-1

Finland Tampere Fair 14-image-A-1

Finland Tampere Fair 14-image-C-1

Finland Tampere Fair 14-image-B-1

TaeguTec Hosts Customer Seminar for Industrial Leaders from Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine
Fall 2014

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Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1633-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1370-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1379-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1425-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1397-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1410-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1444-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1450-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1455-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1460-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1465-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1474-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1481-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1488-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1593-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1595-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1603-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1604-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1653-1

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1665-1

TaeguTec on Display at the
China SIMM 2014 Exhibition
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CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_101943-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_101835-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_101919-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_132726-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_103230-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_103230-A-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_105027-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_105201-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_105224-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_111210-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140328_132812-1

CHINA SIMM 14-20140329_153330-1

TaeguTec GoldRush Seminar for Customers from India
Spring 2014
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India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6679-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6601-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6611-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6570-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6655-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6621-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6669-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6791-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6808-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6826-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6874-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6839-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6850-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6869-1

India-Japan-Seminar Sp 14-DC3A6871-1

Seminar for Czech Republic Customers Spring 2014
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Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5189-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5206-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5242-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5245-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5251-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5308-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5351-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5432-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5458-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5459-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5477-1

Czech Sem Sp 14-DC3A5482-1

TaeguTec Hosts Chinese Partners During the Spring 2014 Customer Seminar
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PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4295-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4322-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4327-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4329-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4333-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4334-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4341-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4351-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4354-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4374-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4381-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4387-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4419-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4423-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4491-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4510-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4515-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4537-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4557-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4625-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4730-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4815-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4846-1

PG-China Cust Sem Sp 14-DC3A4854-1

TaeguTec Seminar Hosted for Customers in Pakistan
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Pakistan customer seminar 14-DSCF3030[1]-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-DSCF3046-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-DSCF3104-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3917-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3940-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3941-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3944-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3953-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3954-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_3988-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_4045-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-IMG_4215-1

Pakistan customer seminar 14-tooling sales dept-A-1

TaeguTec at the 2014 MTA Hanoi Exhibition Displays its Cutting Edge Tools for a Rapidly Growing Market
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MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140401_017-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140402_003-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140331_010-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140403_005-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140401_018-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140331_013-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140401_016-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140331_014-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140401_012-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140331_015-1

MTA Hanoi 14-WP_20140331_021-1