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TaeguTec at the 2013 Ukraine
Metal Working
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TaeguTec Photo Gallery
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1-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8443-1

2-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8511-1

3-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8430-1

6-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8441-1

4-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8548-1

5-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8436-1

7-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8438-1

8-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8527-1

9-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8509-1

10-Ukraine Expo 14-IMG_8522-1

TaeguTec at the 2014 Japan International Machine Tool Fair(JIMTOF 2014)
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1-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6583-1

2-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6599-1

3-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6846-1

4-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6614-1

5-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6690-1

6-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6679-1

7-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6730-1

8-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6635-1

9-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6853-1

10-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6864-1

11-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6703-1

12-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6643-1

13-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6741-1

14-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6659-1

15-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6664-1

16-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6699-1

17-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6610-1

18-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6710-1

19-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6593-1

20-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6675-1

21-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6632-1

22-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6715-1

23-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6747-1

24-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6740-1

25-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6722-1

26-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6750-1

27-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6783-1

28-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6713-1

29-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6808-1

30-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6852-1

31-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6863-1

32-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6732-1

33-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6712-1

34-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6628-1

35-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6857-1

36-JIMTOF 14-DSC_6596-1

TaeguTec Turkey Displays Tools at MAKTEK 2014 Istanbul, Turkey
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Maktek 14-HK7A4352-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4171-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4153-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4157-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4165-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4371-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4175-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4309-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4383-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4169-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4395-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4320-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4155-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4338-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4351-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4354-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4370-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4390-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4391-1

Maktek 14-HK7A4393-1

TaeguTec Ukraine Holds Customer Seminar with IMC President Jacob Harpaz Presenting Array of Cutting Tools
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Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6316-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6247-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6318-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6351-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6388-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6383-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6663-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6696-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6718-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6757-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6767-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6896-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6899-1

Ukraine GF Sem Summer 14-IMG_6946-1

TaeguTec Tools on Display at Japan Intermold 2014
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TaeguTec at the Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition 2014 in Moscow, Russia
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Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090539-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090533-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-performance-B-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090590-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090534-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090551-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090549-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090552-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090556-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-performance-A-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090563-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090568-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090571-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090564-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090592-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090567-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090566-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090569-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090570-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090573-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090577-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-performance-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090587-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090591-1

Russia Metalloobrabotka exhibit 14-P1090593-1

TaeguTec Displaying its
Best at the China
CIMES 2014 Exhibition
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CIMES 14-20140618_091824-1

CIMES 14-20140618_091839-1

CIMES 14-20140619_112051-1

CIMES 14-20140619_111657-1

CIMES 14-20140618_091904-1

CIMES 14-20140618_091921-1

CIMES 14-20140618_094910-1

CIMES 14-20140618_094943-1

CIMES 14-20140619_112113-1

CIMES 14-20140619_113726-1

CIMES 14-20140619_114156-1

TaeguTec at the 2014 MTA Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition
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MTA HCM 14 - DSC03719-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03738-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03766-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03750-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03775-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03785-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03799-1

MTA HCM 14 - DSC03752-1

TaeguTec Industrial Products Division Displays its Carbide Rolls at the South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute (SEAISI) 2014 Exhibition
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SEAISI 2014-IMG_0010-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_0016-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_0026-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_0031-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_0035-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_0042-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9890-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9897-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9909-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9913-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9927-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9932-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9934-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9937-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9938-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9939-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9940-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9941-1

SEAISI 2014-IMG_9942-1