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TaeguTec News: Page 9

TaeguTec Times Report
Italy, Spain Seminar Battles Euro Zone Slump

For two days in early November, TaeguTec invited companies and customers from Italy and Spain to look at the latest cutting tool innovations at its headquarters in South Korea. “Seminars like these today show our customers the latest GoldRush (grade tools) such as the DrillRush line,” said Giovanni ... MORE 

Roll Seminar Fall 13-DC3A0249-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Composite Rolls Highlight of TT Seminar

Creating tailor made solutions for TaeguTec’s customers starts with a simple visit to the company’s head office in South Korea. TaeguTec’s Industrial Products division recently held a seminar for over 30 customers from Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Uzbekistan ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
TeaguTec Donates to Health in Dalseo Region

The old proverb of “charity begins at home” strikes a warm cord for TaeguTec especially during the holiday season. Since 2006, TaeguTec has supported Dalseo region’s most needy citizens by paying their monthly national health insurance payments. Dalseo is a region in the Daegu Metropolitan Area of ... MORE 

TT News Russia-Ukraine Customer Seminar 13-DSC_5274-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Seminar Updates Russia, Ukraine Industiral Sector
Despite the economic downturn due to the financial crisis, the demand for cutting tools is expected to grow in emerging economies such as Russia. To help kick-start this process into high-gear, TaeguTec head office in South Korea recently invited 50 Russian and Ukrainian companies and ... MORE 

TT News EMO 13-MAIN-DSC_4844-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Warm Welcome Back For TaeguTec at EMO

It has been six years since TaeguTec participated in the Machine Tool World Exposition, or EMO, and by all indication, their return to the biggest exhibition of its kind was a success. For six days, visitors and existing customers from Europe and the world inquired about the products that have been ... MORE 
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IP Seminar-April 13-9-main-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Rolling Red Carpet for Carbide Rolls Seminar

TaeguTec is known for outstanding cutting tools the world over but that is just one side of the story. The other side of the story is the company’s industrial products division which offers an extensive lineup of carbide and ceramic wear parts, carbide rolls, rods and tungsten powders as well as die and ... MORE

News CIMT entrance-DSC_4120-main-1

TaeguTec Times Report
New Tools for a New China at CIMT 2013
Based on the theme of innovation and sustainability, this year’s China International Machine Tool show comes at a time when the market climate is shifting amid economic transformation in China and TaeguTec was front and center with tools that assist Chinese companies in their quest for a brighter future. One of ... MORE

TT News - Aerospace-main-A-1

TaeguTec Times Feature
TaeguTec Shapes Aerospace Industry Productivity
In ancient Greek mythology, Daedalus and his son Icarus escaped King Minos’s imprisonment on Crete using feathers bonded together by wax. Tragically, Icarus, intoxicated by the ability to fly, ignored his father’s warning not to fly too close to either the sun or water and fell to his death. While a myth, this story ... MORE

TT news-Foxhound_UK_vehicle-UK MoD-sm-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Foxhound’s Blast Proves Effective on the Battlefield
The Foxhound, Britain’s new small but mighty weapon in Afghanistan, has impressed the top brass so much that an additional 51 new vehicles have been ordered. The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence recently announced the 46 million pound deal to add to its existing fleet of armored vehicles said to replace the ... MORE

News scandinavia-A-md-1

TaeguTec Times Feature
TaeguTec Tooling Scandinavian Economies
There is far more in Scandinavian countries than salmon and Nobel prizes, there are industries that cover the gamut of business offering world-class expertise within a wide field of areas such as life sciences, ICT, clean-tech, oil, forestry and maritime. For Scandinavian manufacturers, the wide array and innovative cutting ... MORE

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