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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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TaeguTec Tooling
Scandinavian Economies

There is far more in Scandinavian countries than salmon and Nobel prizes, there are industries that cover the gamut of business offering world-class expertise within a wide field of areas such as life sciences, ICT, clean-tech, oil, forestry and maritime.

For Scandinavian manufacturers, the wide array and innovative cutting tools available helps the TaeguTec Scandinavian office in Denmark cover every industry.

Denmark Windmill

In Denmark, big business is supplying the right tools for the windmill industry.

Cleantech is the fastest growing sector in Denmark's exports in recent years with exports expected to quadruple in the next 4-5 years.

According to the Danish Foreign Ministry, 1,100 Danish cleantech companies employ around 60,000 people with the export value exceeding 12 billion euro.

Accompanying this growing industry are more sales for TaeguTec and new avenues of business as eyes open wider towards the windmill sector of the cleantech industry.

“It has taken over a decade but now, TaeguTec in Denmark is starting to feel their popularity overtake their small offices,” said Henrik Spangholt, account manager in TaeguTec Scandinavia.

In Denmark, TaeguTec’s customers are mostly in the milling part of machining, but a change is in the air with more and more of those milling tools leading into other avenues and opportunities such as turning for example.

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“(Customers) are satisfied with our products’ performance so when there are new products, they call me for information,” he said. “In the beginning, the inserts that we sold showed so much potential in the heavy industries and they proved it, now it has moved from one level to a higher level and so on.”

In the milling segment, TaeguTec comes out on top as some of the biggest wind power manufacturers in Denmark can testify.

Recently, TaeguTec expanded their ChaseMill and Chase2Mill family of cutters.

Wind power companies prefer these products due to their many advantages which cover a wide range of applications, higher productivity and economic performance.

Yet, whatever the tool used, be it the Chase-family, the Hexa2Mill or the LionMill, GoldRush CVD and PVD coated carbide grade inserts with its patented surface treatment technology are unbeatable in the business, and the tool of choice for Denmark's biggest wind power manufacturers.

The windmill industry is not the only segment that the TaeguTec representatives in Denmark supplies tools for; they have also made inroads in the meat and ceiling industries, as well as general machining, but the cleantech sector does occupy most of the Copenhagen office's time and manpower.

Norway Oil

In Norway, TaeguTec’s business mostly caters to the conventional energy industry, oil.

Owner of Norwegian Tools AS Lewi Solli, a TaeguTec distributor, said: “We are really in a good market; the last two years were good. In the future, there is talk about a minimum of five really good years.”

He added that most of his business services the oil and gas industry supply chain such as spare parts and equipment for the needs of the sector.

Being a large exporter of both oil and gas, Norway plays an important role as a reliable supplier to the world's energy markets and has become the world's 6-7 largest supplier of crude oil and second largest exporter of natural gas.

Around 140,000 people are employed by petroleum-related businesses, and the knock-on effects on other industries are considerable.

For Solli and his team, the most popular products demanded by the oil and gas sector right now are the T-Drill and other GoldRush coated drills including various milling cutters. What is not on their map right now is demand for tools used in turning.

TaeguTec offers a large diameter T-Drill range that can machine up to a diameter 3.5xD compared to its standardized range and is designed as a convenient cartridge type drill where end users can place a setting plate on a peripheral cartridge, so that the one drill body can machine a series of different size hole diameters.

In addition, the same inserts can be used in the inner or outer pocket. This in turn lowers the customers’ stock level and cost.

On top of the GoldRush series, TaeguTec also presents a range of grades called BlackRush which offers an ultra-modern coating technology, unique morphology and orientation of grains within the coating microstructure, thus promoting much higher wear resistance to the insert.

“The customers that use our products are happy with the quality,” said Solli.

Sweden Innovation

 In Sweden, the GoldRush series is also doing wonders for the TaeguTec operations due to the 3PKT.

SMV Verktyg Sweden area sales manager Kenneth Persson said, “the DrillRush works great, SPKT and SNMX inserts work tremendous because their surface finishing is excellent and we've had great revues. Also the tool life is extended.”

With all the innovations coming out of TaeguTec, the main challenge they are facing right now is introducing it to the larger companies that are already serviced by Sweden's homegrown company.

“It's tough competition,” said Persson, “but I think we are slowly growing especially with the GoldRush, we perform much better results than what the other comes up with.

“Out of the 10 tests we are doing, we win about eight. GoldRush helped a lot with the penetration of new sales,” he said.

While some industries in Sweden are feeling the pinch due to the global financial meltdown, others are doing quite well and that is where Persson's team is affecting change from the old sellers to the hot items from TaeguTec.

The good news is that Swedish manufacturers are starting to return back from China due to delays on returns and quality issues.

Finland's Milling

In Finland, where TaeguTec is only starting to show growth after a decade in the market.

“Milling is our number 1 seller,” said Knorring managing director Christian Borenius.

Finland is blessed with a highly industrialized, mixed economy with a well developed manufacturing and refining sector that takes up 31.4 percent of their economy.

Like Korea, Finland does not rely solely on trading to Europe and North America where economic difficulties have placed some countries in a standstill.

“Finnish companies are growing in Latin America and Asia which means as they grow, so do we,” he said. “Otherwise it would have looked quite bad.”

In Finland, TaeguTec’s main seller is in milling and mostly to machine builders but Borenius is looking to expand into other areas where Finland is strong like electronics and the forest industries, both take up over a third of the country's industrial trade.

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Products on Triple-T

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