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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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TaeguTec’s New Milling Line
Machines Away Troubles

Only the right tool will handle the complex shaping of metal involved in milling applications and for this, TaeguTec announced several lines that will help bring down a company's cost while increasing productivity.

Recently, TaeguTec unveiled the next generation triangular mini inserts with three helical cutting edges, the 3PKT 06 series. The new addition to the MillRush family is offered with a string of new cutters.

What makes this economical is its true 90-degrees milling capabilities that is designed to tackle the advanced technical trends in forging and casting technology.

TT news-3PKT-M-1

TT news-3PKT-ML-1

3PKT Family of Inserts for the Mill Rush Series

Customers have requested and TaeguTec responded with smaller size 3PKT inserts and higher density cutters to complement the existing line; both offer greater productivity in lower depth of cut conditions and high feed cutting conditions.

The next generation MillRush three helical cutting edge triangular mini inserts and cutters, guarantees to shape that sometimes elusive squareness and accuracy every company searches for and are offered in end-mill, modular and face mill types.

The 90-degree cutting edge is ideal for cost effective machining – due to its three cutting edges compared to the standard two – and the ramping capability is designed with big relief angle for ramp-down machining in mind.

From three cutting edges we move to four where TaeguTec’s versatile Chase2Feed BLMP 0603R-M insert covers a range of applications such as facing, shouldering, straight ramping and cavity machining.

The “M” stands for the insert's chipformer technology that machines with ease rough, medium milling ranges for steel and cast iron.

The reason behind its cost effective productivity properties via high feed milling processes is the insert's positive four cutting edges which are dedicated to milling a specific range of materials for the mold and die industry.

To machine difficult-to-cut materials at high feed rates, Chase2feed's BLMP series of inserts has been expanded to include two new geometries, the BLMP 0603R-MM and BLMP 0603R-ML, as well as end-mill, modular and face mill cutters.

TT news-BLMP 0603R-MM-1

TT news-BLMP 0603-M-1

Chase2feed's BLMP Series of Inserts

Companies making power generation and aerospace components got a needed boost due to Chase2feed's MM chipformer which was designed with medium geometry and edge strength while enabling smooth milling with low power machining centers.

The ML's sharp and positive geometries are an excellent tool to use on heat resistant alloys, especially inconel and titanium alloys.

Searching for an economic solution to machine cast iron and steel? Then look no further than the Chase2Hepta’s 45 degree entering angle cutter line.

TT news-Chase2Hepta_45_01-1

TT news-Chase2Hepta_45_02-1

 Chase2Hepta’s 14 Cutting Edge Tool Ideal for Boring

Like the name suggests, the Chase2Hepta has 14 cutting edges and is popular with companies using bore types.

Chase2Hepta’s positive cutting edge geometry lowers cutting loads during rough machining making it an efficient and smooth solution.

TaeguTec has recently expanded the line to inch formats and is equally ideal for rough machining of automotive components including cylinder blocks, bed plate, manifold, turbo chargers, connection rods, knuckles, and so on.

The icing on the cake is that all milling series inserts mentioned are coated with the best-of-the-best, state-of-the-art and highly acclaimed GoldRush range of grades.

TT news-GR-1

The color gold symbolizes wealth used wisely and good health. Then it is no surprise that TaeguTec’s new distinctly coated gold colored grade guarantees improved performance while helping the user conveniently measure insert wear.

Like the symbols that gold represents, the surface treated GoldRush range of grades offers stable and extended tool life when conducting continuous and interrupted machining, reduced cutting friction and minimized build-up edges on exotic materials, excellent surface finish and improved adhesion and insert chipping resistance.


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More on Triple-T

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Products on Triple-T

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