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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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Golden Treasure Chest
Brightens JIMTOF

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Photo Gallery: JIMTOF 2012

The machine tool industry was greatly affected by the global financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent economic slowdown in 2012 but the industry, as well as TaeguTec, have recovered due to the strong drive and advancement of the regional markets.

To showcase TaeguTec’s range of cutting tools, South Korea's largest and leading multinational cutting tool manufacturer attended the Japan International Cutting Tool Fair in Tokyo from Nov. 1-6, 2012.

The rising need for machining has transformed TaeguTec into a state-of-the-art cutting tool manufacturer that produces tools for everyday machining as well as equipment that can handle higher precision tasks.

At the exhibition, TaeguTec’s team of engineers and salespeople from Japan and Daegu, South Korea, dealt with the thousands of visitors that came with questions and needs for selecting tools that can tackle a variety of materials including difficult-to-cut materials such as high-speed steel and super alloys.

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To confront today's machining challenges head-on, TaeguTec continually develops the industries newest coating technologies and applies these technological developments to its cutting tools.

Today's machining field has expanded from cutting tools that shape cars and electronic equipment to an industry that can handle tougher jobs posed from the aerospace, nuclear and wind power industries.

At the forefront of these challenges is TaeguTec, which explained to visiting end-users at JIMTOF how companies can produce a higher precision product while drastically reducing cost.

TaeguTec’s GoldRush series attracted much attention from companies looking to gain that elusive competitive edge.


Video Report of TaeguTec at JIMTOF 2012

The GoldRush Answer

The GoldRush insert coating grade series improves performance and stands out from other companies not only because of its gold coloring, but also because it enables the end user to visually monitor insert wear.

TaeguTec applies this magical coating to virtually its entire line of cutting tools such as the Turn-Line, Bore-Line products and its highly sought-after Mill-Line series.

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Special GoldRush Coating

A number of new GoldRush grades have been introduced such as the TT8115, TT8125, TT8135, TT5100 and TT7100 for steel machining.  Also on display were the TT5080, TT9215, TT9225, TT9235 and TT9080 grades for stainless steel and super alloy machining.

For the past 50 years, JIMTOF has continuously offered an excellent opportunity for viewing products made by leading companies while highlighting the future of the machining world.

This wealth of the new CVD- and PVD-coated turning grades offered by TaeguTec was front and center at JIMTOF.

The GoldRush series offers exactly what companies are asking for; an insert that presents excellent surface finishing on the workpiece, reduces cutting friction, minimizes built-up edges on all materials and improves on insert chipping resistance on a range of machining parameters and material types.

The different coated grades were just the tip of the iceberg.

Cutting Tools on Display

TT news-JIMTOF 13-DSC_2442-sm-1

MillRush on Display at JIMTOF
Watch MillRush Video

TaeguTec also showcased most of its cutting tools like the TurnRush which offers low cutting forces and an optimized chipbreaker suitable for semi heavy machining, the innovative QuadRush with its four cutting edges that provides excellent chip control and high quality surface finish grooving.

The TaeguTec team also received a lot of inquiries about the next generation MillRush cutters and inserts which offers a highly productive true 90 degree milling solution with three helical cutting edge inserts that are thicker and stronger than conventional two edge inserts.

Last but not least is the DrillRush with its quick change system – an innovative clamping mechanism with a special key that enables head indexing on the machine with ease.

The products on display at the exhibit are the result of TaeguTec’s extensive research and development work that has proven useful for thousands of companies worldwide searching for technological advances in machining.

They effortlessly tackle a myriad of machining challenges in the automotive, die and mold, aerospace, heavy industry and the different realms of power engineering.

By answering questions that companies have concerning their cutting tool needs, TaeguTec only offered a glimpse into its services at JIMTOF.

The real service offered by TaeguTec is its hands-on approach that treats every single of its customers as if they are gold.

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More on Triple-T

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Products on Triple-T

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