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TaeguTec News: Page 7

TaeguTec Times Feature
PCDs Save Cost, Time, Increase Productivity

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then PCD tools are an engineer’s answer to machining difficult-to-cut, highly abrasive materials. Polycrystalline diamonds tools achieve the highest quality with economic efficiency. The results are astounding; TaeguTec PCD tools offer long tool life, better surface ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times Report
Seminar for Curious Indian, Japanese Customers
To assist manufacturing leaders from both countries, TaeguTec held a two-day seminar at its headquarters in South Korea where the gamut of cutting tools were on display and put to the test during extensive demonstrations on various materials. In India and Japan, like all over the world, the machining industry ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times Report
Seminar Sparks Improvements in Manufacturing
Hosting a seminar for 60 industrial leaders from eight countries that cover the gamut of metalworking industries can be a challenge but for TaeguTec it highlights the range of tools it offers. Yet the requirements from everyone at the international customer seminar were that tools need to cut on cost and ... MORE 

Czech Sem Sp 14-MAIN-DC3A5308-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Czech Leaders Give a Check Mark to TT Tools

To assist Czech companies in getting the most out of their TaeguTec cutting tools, the Asian metalworking giant invited about 30 of the country’s industrial leaders to a week-long seminar. During the various demonstrations, Czech customers were shown how fast and effective TaeguTec tools are when machining ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
MOU for Future of TaeguTec, Yeungnam U.

TaeguTec and Yeungnam University recently expanded their memorandum of understanding to further cooperation in the research and education fields. The revamped MOU makes it possible for TaeguTec engineers and other professionals to conduct lectures at one of South Korea’s most popular private research ... MORE

TTA image-milling-facing shouldering-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times News
TTA Launches Milling-Facing, Slotting

TaeguTec has announced the launch of Milling-Facing and Slotting modules for its TaeguTec Tool Advisor program. The TaeguTec Tool Advisor (TTA) is designed to suggest appropriate tools based on work material, required applications, machine rigidity and workpiece setup ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times Report
China Seminar for a New Era in Machining

TaeguTec welcomed almost 50 industry leaders from China for the company’s Spring Seminar Series. For two days, Chinese industry leaders underwent extensive training and gathered a slew of information regarding TaeguTec cutting tools that can optimize their operations while cutting cost and increase ... MORE 
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TaeguTec Times Special Report: Turkey MAKTEK 2014
New Plant Delivers TT Special Tools Quickly

TaeguTec, one of Asia’s largest metalworking tools provider, recently connected Turkey and South Korea with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in the crossroads of both continents. “The new facilities are an additional investment to those we have already made in the Turkish market, and reflect ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times News
TaeguTec China’s Weibo Account Now Opened

TaeguTec China, based out of Shanghai, recently opened a Sina Weibo (新浪微博) account that will be used as an active promotional tool for its products and operations in China. Geared for the Chinese market, the TaeguTec China Weibo site offers everything that is offered by TaeguTec on ... MORE 
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TaeguTec Times News
TaeguTeconomics for Ultimate Productivity

TaeguTec introduced its new motto “TaeguTeconomics,” which is a fully integrated philosophy that incorporates profitability, increased productivity and expert knowhow in order for TaeguTec customers to stay ahead of the competition. TaeguTec has always offered only the best, meticulously ... MORE 

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