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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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New Turkish Plant Delivers
TaeguTec Special Tools Quickly

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Photo Tour of New Facility in Turkey

TaeguTec, one of Asia’s largest metalworking tools provider, recently connected Turkey and South Korea with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in the crossroads of both continents.

“The new facilities are an additional investment to those we have already made in the Turkish market, and reflect IMC’s (TaeguTec’s parent company) confidence about the positive market development. Therefore, TaeguTec decided to choose Turkey,” said IMC president Jacob Harpaz.

The aim of the factory is to produce tight tolerance tools “that not many of our competitors can make and deliver in a short amount of time,” said Murat Ergin, co-general manager of TaeguTec Turkey.

Metin Gonul, co-general manager of TaeguTec Turkey, explained that the team will combine their extensive experience in making cutting tools with the latest technologically advanced machines to produce highly sought-after, special solid carbide products.


Video Report of the Opening of TaeguTec Turkey

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Photos of the Opening Ceremony

Harpaz said, “Our investment in Turkey is our long-term commitment for the future and places a strong emphasis on the Turkish demand for high-quality cutting tools.”

The new state-of-the-art facilities includes 100-person seminar room, sales and marketing offices, comfortable and modern meeting rooms with all the amenities and a Production Center, or Tech Center, which will help TaeguTec engineers work directly with local and regional customers for the improvement of their companies’ productivity by showing how TaeguTec tools can cut on cost and increase tool life while boosting the amount of goods manufactured.

The 10,000 square meter campus also includes a showroom that houses a special work of art that unites the metal chips that were removed by their customers all over Turkey into a unique and impressive collection.

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The facility’s lighting system and architecture provides maximum sunlight which helps to reduce the cost of lighting and heating. Furthermore, every facet of the entire facility is plugged into a smart and fully automated climate control computer system that can monitor and adjust everything from heating, cooling, lighting, production and of course, security – the first such a system has been installed in Turkey.

Ergin explained that they also produce their own drinking water, and that the automation system “works on a time schedule for environmental purposes and for the efficient use of energy.”

To ensure the health of their employees and products produced, Gonul added that the air conditioning system not only purifies the internal atmosphere of the new TaeguTec facility, but also introduces into the premise 80 percent fresh air that removes all dust, harmful and minute particles that can reduce the effectiveness of special carbide inserts.

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Products on Triple-T

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