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TaeguTec News

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TaeguTec Customer Seminar Updates Russia, Ukraine Industrial Sector

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Photo Gallery: Russia/Ukraine Seminar

Despite the economic downturn due to the financial crisis, the demand for cutting tools is expected to grow in emerging economies such as Russia.

To help kick-start this process into high-gear, TaeguTec head office in South Korea recently invited 50 Russian and Ukrainian companies and end users to a customer seminar designed with the Russian and Ukrainian metal-removing industries in mind.

As Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm, noted increased investments in the automobile, aerospace and defense industries that incorporate these tools in their production process will boost uptake levels.

With this in mind, TaeguTec targeted their seminars and demonstrations to cover cutting tools that can easily handle exotic and other hard to machine materials such as stainless steel and titanium

While the growth of the aerospace and defense industry in Russia spells good news for market prospects, the reality is that the heightened demand for advanced materials is set to further promote the use of machine tools and cutting tools.

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Sergey Priezhy, TaeguTec Russia general manager, explained that seminars hosted at TaeguTec headquarters enable Russian industrial users premium access to firsthand information from the company’s product managers, designers and management.  

For two days, representatives from Ukrainian and Russian metalworking companies attended seminars that covered milling, turning, threading and hole making applications on everything from exotic materials to regular steel.

“Making informed decisions when buying the right tool can be a daunting task especially considering the amount of available tools from a plethora of competitors,” said TaeguTec Ukraine General Manager Valeriy Zhovtobryukh.

“These seminars help us understand the tools that are being offered to us and see how they can be applied in real-world conditions,” said by an industrial user who wished to remain nameless and shared by several metal-removing end users from both countries.

Informed decision making is imperative for countries like Russia and Ukraine because of the current and ongoing modernization of their economies.

Russian industry is picking up speed. In 2011, Russia imported machines, plants and equipment worth just under $40 billion and by doing so, Russia assured its position among the ten largest machine markets in the world, but the country still has a significant amount of catching up to do.

Despite these increased import levels, factories and plants still have a significant amount of catching up to do, but, like Priezhy said, having the right tools for the correct application will help increase productivity, cut cost and bring a change into the metal-removing world in Russia.

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