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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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Polish Seminar Chips Into Market

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Photo Gallery: Poland Customer Seminar

TaeguTec, the newest cutting tools player in the Polish market, recently held a series of seminars and demonstrations for customers from central/eastern Europe’s largest economy.

Almost 30 Polish industry leaders, big and small, attended the seminar held at TaeguTec’s head quarters in South Korea.

“At least half of our job is building strong relationships with customers in Poland. One of the ways we do so is by showing the cost cutting advantages of our wide range of tools,” said Boguslaw Tadla, manager of TaeguTec Poland.

Events like this and other seminars held in Poland as well as TaeguTec’s recent participation at the Machine Tool World Exposition (EMO) in Hannover, Germany have helped to grow the company’s presence in a market that keeps growing despite European economic challenges.

Poland seminar 13-8R 20131023 Poland-1

“In the Polish market, we still meet customers that have never heard of TaeguTec, so by hosting these seminars we let customers know that TaeguTec is a global cutting tool supplier with an array of tools that can outperform the gamut of tools on the market,” Tadla said.

Customers not only attended seminars held by TaeguTec’s industry experts, but also took part in demonstrations where TaeguTec cutting tools where put to the test on various alloys. Several times, participants from Poland were impressed at the level of performance of TaeguTec tools during these product demonstrations.

“I am very much interested in the performance of TaeguTec’s tools on difficult-to-cut materials,” said one participant who requested anonymity. “I kept hearing about this from the TaeguTec office in Poland, but now I see that these tools can really handle materials I deal with on a daily basis.”

For an emerging market like Poland, where manufacturing has helped to sustain the country’s economy during the current economic crisis, TaeguTec tools have filled a void that has not yet been matched said another participant who also wished to remain nameless.

Poland seminar 13-DC3A8308-1

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While the Polish economy has performed well over the past five years, growth slowed in 2012, in part due to the ongoing economic difficulties in the euro zone; yet, by all indications, orders are up and new customers are signing up to either purchase TaeguTec tools or to ask for demonstrations at their factories.


RhinoRush Product Video

“Any slowdown or financial uncertainty has a big influence on our countries especially for eastern Europe but that was during the first half of the year. Since the end of July beginning of August, we have noticed huge improvements and now we are much more in the industry users focus and periphery,” Tadla noted.

For Polish customers that attended the seminar, cost reduction and higher productivity is the name of the machining game in their market.

TaeguTec product managers received a lot of inquiries about the RhinoRush series of mini inserts and their two new chip breakers that are geared towards machining steel.

The “FM” and “FT” chip breakers widen TaeguTec’s range and are a perfect solution on a wide range of semi-finishing to medium turning applications. 

Poland seminar 13-DC3A8482-1

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DrillRush Product Video

Drilling application became a lot easier and more cost effective with the recent expansion of TaeguTec’s highly successful DrillRush.

DrillRush is a versatile indexable drill that provides dependable and optimal hole drilling performance on both stainless steel and coast iron materials. The expansion of the DrillRush includes new geometries that improve tool life while cutting on cost.

MillRush, TaeguTec’s next generation three helical cutting edge insert for economical, true 90-degree milling was recently expanded to meet market demands in general machining, mold and die as well as aerospace and power generation industries.

This line is now available in three new types: a cermet grade, peripherally ground with ML chipformer and expanded corner radii type to cover a wider range of applications.


MillRush Product Video

“I am interested in this cermet grade because of its high heat resistance on alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron – all materials I use to make products for our suppliers,” said one participant who wished to remain nameless.

Chief economist at Bank Millennium SA Grzegorz Maliszewski told Bloomberg News that “Those who thought the economy will succumb to stagnation have been proven wrong.” Tadla agrees with this assessment and adds that a good indication of a growing economy is its relation to the growth of the sales from the cutting tools sector, something that TaeguTec Poland has been witnessing all year round due to cost reduction strategies offered to its customers and higher productive tools.

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Products on Triple-T

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