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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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English Seminar Heightens
TaeguTec Tools to the World

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Photo Gallery: English Seminar

The cutting tool sector is undergoing many developments in order to keep pace with the changing market dynamics and with it, TaeguTec is going hand-in-hand with these changes by researching and developing technologically innovative tools that combine today’s knowhow with new tool materials.

In order to showcase these advancements that concentrate on cutting cost and increasing productivity, TaeguTec – one of Asia’s largest metalworking manufacturers – recently held a seminar for over 100 industry leaders from Europe, the Middle East, North America, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.

For two days, visitors to TaeguTec’s state-of-the-art facilities took part in extensive seminars that examined new and future machining trends conducted in every sector such as automotive, aerospace and general machining as well witnessing firsthand what the South Korean giant’s tools can do on a range of materials from steel to cast iron to difficult-to-cut materials such as composites, aluminum and titanium.

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“We are in the aerospace industry, so for us, the tools we use to produce parts used in the manufacturing of commercial aircraft are incredibly important because the smallest mistake could cost many lives,” said a representative from a giant Canadian aerospace company who requested anonymity. 

For this representative, tools must effectively machine titanium and titanium alloy.

“I am impressed with the new geometries for the ChaseMold line. The “MLL” and “ML” chip breakers have increased our productivity which in turn has cut our cost but, just as important, is a reliable tool to deal with when machining difficult-to-cut materials,” he added.

Keeping with difficult-to-cut materials, companies representing the oil and gas sector from the Middle East and Southeast Asia are heavily reliant on TaeguTec’s GoldRush grade tools for their milling and drilling applications.

A customer from the UAE explained that the TopDeepDrill is perfect for his business because it can be easily mounted on horizontal machines and CNC turning machines and is simple to use. “The cost savings is also an additional benefit because of its indexable inserts,” he said.


Chase2Hepta Product Video

Another customer from the oil and gas sector who runs operations in Singapore and Malaysia noted that TopDeepDrill’s optimized cutting edge geometry is ideal for stable machining and high precision.

The versatility of the GoldRush grade goes beyond applications found in the oil and gas sector. The GoldRush, as well as the BlackRush grades are just as ideal in every other industry including wind power where European giants look towards the Chase2Hepta for their milling jobs.

“In this competitive industry, Chase2Hepta (14 cutting edges and double-sided 45 degree entry angle) has proven to be a true economical solution,” said a European representative who wished to remain nameless. “We use the dual usage inserts on both cutter types;” a screw type cutter for steel machining and a wedge type cutter for cast iron machining at high feed rates.

For all companies, be it those who specialize in certain markets to those in the general industries, TaeguTec presented different tools that focus on cost reduction, lead time shortening and productivity improvements.

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TaeguTec’s product managers linked the machining demonstrations with what TaeguTec is known for worldwide, high-quality cutting tools made from the finest materials and services that reduce overhead and manpower with savings on the cost of production in order to give companies of all sizes the upper hand in today’s heated economies.

One general machinist from Greece said that the demonstrations “showed me that TaeguTec’s tools achieve an early breakeven point for high performance cutting tools that will help me combine higher production volumes at a lower cost.”

When it comes down to machining precision electromagnetic parts used in everyday household items, a New Zealand leader pointed towards the TopMini, TopMicro  and T-Turn lines when fabricating small and delicate parts; a sentiment echoed by his Malaysian and Filipino counterparts


QuadRush Product Video

“The smallest mistake can bring down our entire process,” said a representative from a New Zealand parts manufacturer who requested not to be mentioned by name. “That’s why we have been dealing with the QuadRush for grooving and turning but the TopMicro looks promising for our internal machining applications.”

One longtime TaeguTec customer from England explained that he will be expanding his operations due to the upswing in business he is noticing and is looking at a few different tools for his turning, drilling and milling applications.

“TaeguTec for us has always been a dependable provider and their worldwide support and customer service has helped our operations in other countries as well as in England to run smoothly. But, I’d like to add that their comprehensive array of services has been very important for our on-the-spot production,” he said.

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Products on Triple-T

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