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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

TT News EMO 13-main-DSC_4832-1

Warm Welcome Back for TaeguTec
at EMO Hannover 2013

TT News EMO 13-DrillRush-DSC_4993A-1

Photo Gallery: EMO 2013

It has been six years since TaeguTec participated in the Machine Tool World Exposition, or EMO, and by all indication, their return to the biggest exhibition of its kind was a success.

For six days, visitors and existing customers from Europe and the world inquired about the products that have been rapidly garnering great success on every corner of the planet.

“By us participating in this exhibition it shows that we are a global provider of quality cutting tools the world over,” said former TaeguTec president Moshe Sharon who is now the representative director of TaeguTec at the parent company IMC.

EMO occurs every odd-numbered year, with a cycle that finds it at the fairground in Hannover, Germany for two shows, then the FieraMilano exhibition center in Milan, Italy for one show.

The show, which ran from Sept. 16-21, 2013, covers the spectrum of metalworking technologies, such as cutting, splitting, milling, and forming machine tools, manufacturing systems, precision tools, automated material flow, computer technology, industrial electronics, and accessories.


Video Report of TaeguTec at EMO 2013

Good to be Here


For TaeguTec, their acclaimed cutting tools were neatly displayed in a way that the booth was not overbearing to the senses but still friendly enough with the right examples and information so that perspective customers could make an informed judgment for their future cutting tools purchases.

TT News EMO 13-DSC_5142-1

MillRush’s Super High Positive Inserts with 3 Cutting Edges
Watch MillRush Video

Alan Powel, general manager of TaeguTec United Kingdom said, “If the stand is too big, it’s intimidating to go in, but when it’s the right size, then it’s easy to walk right in and gather information, so this is the right size for us.”

In a globalised economy, "Intelligence in Production" – EMO’s motto – was also TaeguTec’s mantra with tools such as RhinoRush, MillRush and DrillRush and QuadRush, just to name a few, offer intelligent solutions for today’s metal shaping requirements.

Dr. Wilfried Schafer, executive director of the EMO organizer German Machine Tool Builders' Association noted that industrial users are facing major challenges worldwide due to the enormous pressure on costs, plus exceptionally tough requirements for efficiency and minimized environmental impact, and production that maximize cost-effective solutions.

"Production experts from all over the world are seeking answers to these challenges” said Schafer.

TaeguTec’s innovative cutting tools and services offer industrial users cost-effective solutions coupled with the highest quality products to increase productivity in order to meet today’s machining challenges.


More than an Image


TT News EMO 13-Rods-DSC_5128-1

TaeguTec Carbide Rods

EMO Hannover 2013’s main aim was to gather manufacturing experts in one location in order to explore ways of improving operations.

Visitors to the TaeguTec booth were particularly interested in solutions for boosting energy and resource efficiency, as well as user-friendly cutting tools that increase productivity as well as cutting manufacturing costs while increasing flexibility.

“Our presence at EMO enforces our image in Europe,” said Boguslaw Tadla, general manager of TaeguTec Poland. “Being at EMO shows to European customers that TaeguTec tools are available in Europe and that we offer a comprehensive, wide range and high-quality line of cutting tools.”

For the United Kingdom, Powel said that image wise, it is important that TaeguTec be present at the exhibition.

“The UK customers that come (to EMO) are big players,” added Powel.


Rhino Rushes Economic Activity


TT News EMO 13-Rhino-DSC_4974-1

RhinoRush Front and Center
Watch RhinoRush in Action

No matter the economic downturn that has affected all parts of the world, European manufacturing trends in the cutting tools sector has kept its high standard of quality.

At EMO, TaeguTec’s RinoRush demonstrated how the new line can play a decisive role in manufacturing quality products and for the efficiency it offers in the production process within the metal-working industry.

RhinoRush represents TaeguTec’s new direction of offering highly technologically advanced tools that increase productivity without skimping out on quality, which in the end, helps the metal-working industry save on the bottom line, cost.

In its short history, the RhinoRush family of cutting tools has been garnering many converts all over the world due to its efficiency, strength, durability, size and its prowess in increasing productivity.

In a recent test, RhinoRush’s tool life lasted 100 percent longer than an ISO standard tool during an interrupted facing operation on a medium carbon alloy piece of steel going at a speed of 100 m/min, a feed rate of 0.6 mm/rev and a depth of cut of 4 mm.


Black and Gold


The RhinoRush family of cutting tools is coated with TaeguTec’s patented and hugely successful GoldRush, and recently, TaeguTec launched the same RhinoRush line but this time coated with BlackRush, an alumina coating process that ensures smooth surface finish when machining cast iron automotive and general components.

The premium CVD and PVD coated carbide grades of GoldRush BlackRush improves performance by eliminating micro-cracks formed by thermal stresses while helping with easier chip flow which drastically diminishes premature tool wear.

TaeguTec Romania’s general manager Marian Luca explained that the full line of TaeguTec tools as well as the company’s availability of experts in every field added benefit to an already strong line of productive tools.

“There are some customers from Romania that did come to the exhibition so it’s good for our image that we (TaeguTec) have a well represented booth here,” said Luca.

EMO Hannover 2013 attracted over 2,100 exhibitors from 43 different countries to showcase their products to the 145,000 trade visitors from over 100 different nations. Furthermore, visitors from outside of Germany numbered more than 50,000, or one in three.

Besides the cutting tools and friendly hands-on advice, TaeguTec unveiled its newest mascot for the RhinoRush line – a 20 percent scaled down version of a real African rhinoceros – to go with its new line of small but strong inserts and holders.

TT Girl-montage-1

TaeguTec Models at EMO Hannover 2013


TaeguTeconomics-NAV SM-NEW-1 NP-DR 12xD-NAV SM-NEW-1
PCD Tools-NAV SM-1 Chase2Feed BLMP 13-NAV SM-1
TT8105 Life+-NAV SM-1 ChaseMill APKT 1706-NAV SM-1

China-Trans-1 中文

Korea-Trans-1 한국어

Products on Triple-T

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Typhoon-NAV SM-1
QuadRush TQs Chip Breakers-NAV SM-NEW-1
NPA-tclamp_kit-NAV SM-NEW-1
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