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From Manufacturing to Mask Dance, TT China Seminar Has it All

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Photo Gallery: China Customer Seminar

China’s industrial metal removing sector is about to enter onto a crossroad, on the one hand, manufacturing is still growing, on the other, escalating challenges more than ever are forcing companies to upgrade their technologies and modes of operation within the industry.

In relation to the Chinese government’s 12th Five-Year-Plan, TaeguTec is working with Chinese industrial users in finding the best and most appropriate cutting tools needed for their machining challenges.

TaeguTec, South Korea’s largest metalworking company recently hosted in their headquarters in Daegu a seminar for almost 40 companies, big and small, in search for new tools and technologies that can easily handle turning, milling, drilling, hole making and boring products made from regular steel to exotic alloys and composite materials.

“China is changing,” said Eric Cho, TaeguTec China general manager. “Manufacturers are moving away from low-price, low-productivity tools to modern-high productivity tools which last longer and are able to produce more.”

For two days, TaeguTec’s product managers pushed the limits of their tools to showcase the high productivity and cost efficiency of their cemented carbide cutting tools during the morning to evening seminars held at the company’s state-of-the-art Tech Center.

“I was very impressed at the Chase2Mill,” said one participant who wanted to remain nameless. “Right now we have been looking for a tool that has a wide application range, higher productivity and economical performance because my company has started to diversify our production output. 

The Chase2Mill is one TaeguTec’s most popular milling products due to its excellent cutting performance and exceptional economical performance. Its characteristics include four cutting edge double-sided helical inserts, a positive cutting angle and strong clamping.

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Another participant who requested anonymity explained that his company has been searching for tools that can drill through composite materials used in the aerospace industry.

“A lot of the tools I have tried do not last long or were not effective, here I found several tools that will save me a lot of time and money,” he said through an interpreter.

Cho explained that there is a big push by government, local industry and foreign invested companies to try to change the mode of economic development towards a drive engine that will increase innovative ability and improve competitiveness in order to contribute to the development of the nation's economy through manufacturing.

In 2012, Chinese demand in the cutting tool manufacturing industry totaled about $8 billion, up 15 percent from 2011. There are about 790 cutting tool manufacturers in China with over 134,205 workers.

Besides the wide-ranging demonstrations, participants to the TaeguTec customer seminar did enjoy an action-packed, highly entertaining evening of delicious foods from around the world as well as performances that can be classified as local, exotic and eye-opening.

TaeguTec even went a little further by bringing to the dinner a bian lian performer, a show that is very difficult to find much less attend even in its native country of China.

The 300-year-old tradition known as Bian Lian is a Chinese dramatic art performance in which the performers change from one mask to another almost instantaneously with a quick swipe of a fan, a movement of the head or a wave of the hand.

Their final leg of the tour was a shopping and site-seeing excursion of Seoul, something many of the ladies in attendance were excited to enjoy.

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