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TaeguTec News: Page 10

TaeguTec Times Analysis
Cracks of Spain’s Steel Sector Fixed with TaeguTec
Spain’s flagship construction industry went through an incredible boom from 2000 until the Lehman Crisis crashed the world and Spain’s economies hard. During Spain’s pre-crisis boom of 2006-2007, business was great, buildings were being erected, people were getting rich, unemployment was low and ... MORE

Argentina Afredo-intv-main-1

TaeguTec Times Interview
Right Products Driving Argentina’s Autos
Fifth spot out of 16 is not a bad place to be if you take into consideration it took TaeguTec Argentina over two years to get there since their office become a subsidiary. Being in fifth puts them way ahead of the pack and in the realm of the big boys. It is also a position where TaeguTec Argentina keeps ... MORE

TT news MAIN-Australia Zeb-A-1

TaeguTec Times Interview
Korean Brand Bites Into Aussie Market

After only five years since Zeb Colic took the reins of TaeguTec Australia, the company is starting to bear its teeth into a hotly contested market that is dominated by companies that service the automotive and mining sectors – industries that the company believes they can become leaders. Since operating ... MORE

TT news MAIN-Japan Takahashi-1

TaeguTec Times Interview
Rising TaeguTec’s Sun in Japan
Succeeding in Japan is every tool makers dream and can be an uphill battle, but for TaeguTec, the uphill battle is slowly starting to bear fruit. TaeguTec entered the highly competitive Japanese market about six years ago and has been grabbing a piece of the market share faster than some of the more popular ... MORE

JIMTOF 13-DSC_2428-sm-1

TaeguTec Times Report
Golden Treasure Chest Brightens JIMTOF 2012
The machine tool industry was greatly affected by the global financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent economic slowdown in 2012 but the industry, as well as TaeguTec, has recovered due to the strong drive and advancement of the regional markets. To showcase TaeguTec’s range of cutting tools, South Korea’s ... MORE

children concert-YuShin-main-1

TaeguTec Times News
Gift of Music Given to Young Daeguites
Beautiful music is a gift that should be shared and passed on to younger generations so that they can enjoy and while helping to refine their overall education. To assist in their journey, TaeguTec hosted a special free concert for teenagers and children on January 27, 2013. "I hope that this concert gives teenagers and children in ... MORE

TT news MAIN-Mill Rush family

TaeguTec Times Feature
New Milling Line Machines Away Troubles
Only the right tool will handle the complex shaping of metal involved in milling applications and for this, TaeguTec announced several lines that will help bring down a company’s cost while increasing productivity. Recently, TaeguTec unveiled the next generation triangular mini inserts with three helical ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
TaeguTec Bestowed Export Award
All the hard work has paid off for world-class cutting tools manufacturer TaeguTec who became the recipient of the South Korean government’s “Export Tower Award” for the fourth time in its short history. The prize was awarded to TaeguTec on Dec. 5, 2012 for reaching the $300 million milestone in exports in 2012 ... MORE

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