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TaeguTec News: Page 6

TaeguTec Times Special Report: Japan JIMTOF 2014
TT Tools Drive Production of Japanese Cars

The Japanese automotive industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world. Japan has been in the top three of the countries with most cars manufactured since the 1960s, surpassing Germany. Helping to shape the over 20,000 parts and components in today’s cars are technologically advanced ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times Special Report: Japan JIMTOF 2014
Array of Tools Improves General Machining Sector
Like any great marriage, behind any great country is an even greater support industry that plays a role in every facet of machining products that are used in every sector. General machining has always been the backbone of Japan’s metalworking field, helping to fuel an economy into one of the most important ... MORE

JIMTOF 14-mold die-molten gold-NEWS MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times Special Report: Japan JIMTOF 2014
Making the Mold/Dies For Our Beloved Products
The mold and die industry is not familiar to ordinary people but what the industry makes are products that catch the eyes of the users. Mold and dies are used to makes some of Japan’s most beloved products like vacuum cleaners, electronics and other small household electronic appliances. Nevertheless, hundreds of ... MORE

Russia-Ukraine Sem 14-DC3A1633-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times News
Russia, Ukraine,  Lithuania Customer Seminar

The conflict in Russia and Ukraine has been in the news lately but that did not affect industrial leaders from both countries and Lithuania to attend TaeguTec’s new products seminar. Industrial leaders mixed and mingled in order to find the best solution for their companies to cut machining cost and increase ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times Special Report: Turkey MAKTEK 2014
TT Drives Turkey’s Auto into Profitability

TaeguTec Turkey will be on full display at the 2014 Maktek Eurasia fair showcasing manufacturing solutions for the nation’s fast growing automotive sector, one of the most important parts of the Turkish economy. Since the late 1960s, the cluster of car-makers and parts suppliers mainly located in the Marmara ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times Special Report: Turkey Maktek 2014
TaeguTec Mold/Die Tools Bring Home Products

Ever since the European Union and Turkey inked a Customs Union agreement, the nation’s consumer electronics sector has grown by leaps and bounds placing Turkish products in many European homes. But producing such parts can be tricky, frustrating and costly if manufacturing facilities do not operate ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times Special Report: Turkey MAKTEK 2014
Plethora of Solutions for General Machining

General machining, two vague words that when put together represents the backbone of every sector of the Turkish manufacturing industry. While the industry is extensive in nature, TaeguTec offers a full range of tools from start to finish that can effectively machine all materials in every segment of the nation’s economy ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times News
Agreement Signed to Support Health of Needy

TaeguTec and the National Health Insurance Service of Dalseo Region branch office in the Daegu Metropolitan Area inked an agreement to financially support low-income families living in the region on March 27, 2014. Ever since TaeguTec joined the program in December 2005, the Korean ... MORE 

Australia Motorsport-Bathurst_1000_2005_3-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times Feature
For the Love of the Sport

The Technology behind the latest generation V8 Supercars in Australia has grown in leaps and bounds since the concept took shape in the early 1960s. Consider the practical challenge of taking a road going four-door sedan and transforming it into a car not for the faint of the heart; the end result is the V8 Supercar ... MORE 

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8013-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times News
Rolling the Seminar with TaeguTec Rolls

TaeguTec’s Industrial Products Division recently held their annual customer seminar focusing on some of their hottest products that are helping customers from every corner of the world reduce cost and increase productivity while eliminating the stress that can happen from dealing with the production of steel ... MORE 

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