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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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TaeguTec Donates to
Health in Dalseo Region

The old proverb of “charity begins at home” strikes a warm chord for TaeguTec especially during the holiday season.

Since 2006, TaeguTec has supported Dalseo region’s most needy citizens by paying their monthly national health insurance payments.

Dalseo is a region in the Daegu Metropolitan Area of South Korea, the city where the TaeguTec headquarters is located.

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Dalseo Charity-1122-MID SM-zoom-1Since the implementation of this agreement, TaeguTec has contributed over 94 million won to over 18,800 disabled or single family households in the Dalseo region

This was the first year that Han Hyun-jun presided over the ceremony since taking over the role of president of TaeguTec earlier this year. Also in attendance were executives from TaeguTec and Park Jong-yoon, director for the National Health Insurance Dalseo Region branch office.

To show their support, Mr. Park awarded an appreciation plaque to Mr. Han for TaeguTec’s encouraging work in supporting the region’s most needy. In response, Mr. Han confirmed TaeguTec’s commitment to this cause for years to come.

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Products on Triple-T

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