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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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Can't Just Have One Chip

TaeguTec’s Chip Breakers Remove the Edge off Machining Plethora of Materials

Chip breakers are more than just pretty designs on a carbide insert; instead, these interesting geometries help to reduce power consumption while preventing chips from forming into long pieces which could be detrimental to the finished product.

TaeguTec has released several chip breakers in 2013 and all have brought on great rewards for companies searching to achieve a higher rate of return on their manufactured goods be it longer tool life, higher productivity or saving on cost.

Whether they are used to machine cast iron, stainless steel or titanium alloys, chip breakers are an intrinsic part of the metal removing world.


Sticky Machining



MM Chip Breaker

Hot off the presses is the newly developed “MM” chip breakers chip breaker for machining parts in the power generation, aerospace and die and mold industries. The “MM” insert geometry for milling applications includes a higher rake angle for reduced cutting force, a stronger cutting edge to avoid sudden insert breakage, and offers very stable, smooth milling on difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloys.

Other features of the “MM” geometry found on TaeguTec’s ChaseMold line includes higher productivity due to its handling of higher feed rates and is the optimal solution for martensitic stainless steel applications such as turbine blade machining.

In a series of tests on a hard to machine impeller workpiece made from austenitic stainless steel, the “MM” geometry increased tool life by as much as three times and increased productivity by 30 percent.

Also just released for the ChaseMold line are the “MLL” and “L” insert geometries that meet customers’ needs in the aerospace and power generation industries where machining trends are moving towards very sticky and difficult-to-cut materials that require higher tool stability, economy and longer life.


These two new insert geometries are optimized for machining heat resistant super alloy metals such as titanium alloys, cobalt-based alloys and nickel-based alloys.

During the testing phase, the “MLL” and “L” geometries extended tool life by double while increasing productivity by 100 percent while machining a part used in the aerospace field made from inconel 718. Furthermore, the same test was conducted on a titanium based alloy where the two new chip breakers outperformed the competitor's tool life by three times.

To assist in threading applications, TaeguTec offers the marriage between the regular type and the “M” type inserts, known as the B-Type chip breaker. This union makes internal and external machining of stainless steels, higher temperature alloys and mild steel easier than ever with the end result being a better surface finished product with reduced tooling cost due to its chip breaking and evacuation.

B-Type marriage-A-1

New for the T-Turn line is the “EA” and “ET” chip breakers. The expanded line offers excellent performance on stainless steel machining while handling a wider range of applications.

The “EA” chip breaker is designed to handle semi-finishing and finishing applications by controlling chips at a very low depth of cut and feed rate. Its sharp cutting edge has been adopted for smooth cutting which improves surface finishes and increases accuracy.

Also, the “EA” chip breaker is designed with a very high positive geometry that minimizes built-up-edges and reduces machining loads. Its sharp cutting edge delivers excellent surface finishes.

EA ET expansion-B-1


For rough stainless steel machining applications, TaeguTec’s “ET” chip breaker's positive rake angle reduces machining load and minimizes built-up-edges. In addition, the geometry helps to reduce heat generated while machining.

Due to its high positive chip breaker, T-Turn's “ET” series of inserts is perfect for high depth of cut and high feed rates. 

While the “EA” and “ET” chip breakers stand on two opposite sides of the machining spectrum, the “EM” chip breaker for the T-Turn is ideally placed right in the middle, able to machine stainless steel and exotic materials while reducing loads during medium machining applications.


Cast Call


KT chipbreaker-A-1

KT Chip Breaker at Work

Moving away from flat chip breakers, TaeguTec recently released the “KT” chip breaker which offers reliable and uniform performance when machining rough applications on cast iron.

Cast iron is very awkward to deal with because of abrasive flank wear and thermal cracks on inserts.

The “KT” chip breaker resolves those challenges while increasing the tool life from 33 to 150 percent compared to other inserts.

Furthermore, the “KT's” broad supporting area for stable seating as well as reinforced cutting edges due to its strong T-land offers manufacturers reliable and uniform machining at a time when machining cast iron has become more important than ever.


A Real Steel


TaeguTec’s highly successful mini inserts, the RhinoRush line, is offering two new chip breakers for steel machining, the “FM” and “FT,” which widen the Smaller and Stronger product range.

First, the “FM” type's molded design promotes improved chip breaking on a wide range of semi-finishing to semi-medium turning applications. Next, the “FT” type's strong, serrated cutting edge promotes excellent chip evacuation in a wider depth of cut range for both profiling and step turning.


In General


Today's market demands in milling applications are trending toward machine tool centers designed for flexible component machining. To follow this trend, TaeguTec offers two recently released insert geometries, the “L” and “MP,” to the Hexa2Mill family line of mini inserts.

Hexa2Mill's “L” insert geometry, with sharp and positive cutting edges for light milling and low cutting force is designed for difficult-to-cut materials such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel as well as cast iron.

The “MP” insert geometry, with its helical right hand cutting edge geometry for reduced cutting load, is designed for maximum depth of cut up to 5mm on steel and cast iron where machining with unstable fixtures involves complex components and machine tool centers.



Fool Proof Your Tool


These magical dimples and indentations are just one part of an equation that aims to cut cost and increase productivity. The other are the critically acclaimed premium CVD and PVD coated carbide grades of GoldRush and BlackRush which improves performance by eliminating micro-cracks formed by thermal stresses while helping with easier chip flow and drastically diminish premature tool wear.

BlackRush is an alumina coating process that ensures smooth surface finish when machining cast iron automotive and general components.

Whatever the tool needed, TaeguTec’s chip breakers and coated carbide grades tag team up to bring a whole new level for industrial users looking for quality tools that can reduce cost and increase productivity.




New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line

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Products on Triple-T

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