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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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International Seminar Sparks Improvements in Manufacturing

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Gallery: Int’l Customer Seminar 2014

Hosting a seminar for 60 industrial leaders from eight countries that cover the gamut of metalworking industries can be a challenge but for TaeguTec it highlights the range of tools it offers.

TaeguTec, one of the largest metalworking companies in Asia, does not specialize in producing cutting tools for one industry; the South Korean giant specializes in producing new tools based on the newest technologies for every metalworking sector.

Yet the requirements from everyone who attended the TaeguTec International Spring 2014 Customer Seminar were the same; tools that cut on cost and increase productivity.

Metalworking leaders from Denmark that attended the seminar came with the need for tools that support their cleantech industry; an area where Denmark has become one the world's leading nations within green and sustainable energy technology.


TaeguTec’s vast experience and specialized technology enables wind turbine producers to efficiently and productively manufacture machined components for wind turbines.

“We produce tower flanges and main shafts but last year our company acquired another company that produces bearing housings and hubs so we need a one-stop-shop supplier for all the products we produce,” said Ulrik.

Some of the more popular tools used in the company Ulrik represents are drills, milling and turning tools.

“We were very excited to hear that TaeguTec now supplies the 12xD DrillRush for deep hole drilling and after the product demonstration we know that this is the tool we plan on testing at our factory,” he said.

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Most of the Swedish participants came from the oil and gas sector but others represented the developed export-oriented diverse economy that the country is known for. Their oil and gas industry fell into a period of decline in 2009 but is now moving past this hick-up and is recording a faster growth rate as compared to the Danish and Norwegian industries and is expected to continue on this track until 2015.

For Johan and other members of the Swedish delegation, information about GoldRush and BlackRush products was of the utmost importance.

“We wanted to see them test the new grades we heard about on the different materials we use in Sweden and it looks like we can expand our cooperation with TaeguTec,” Johan said.

Both the GoldRush and BlackRush range of grades offer an ultra-modern coating technology with unique morphology and orientation of grains within the coating microstructure, thus promoting much higher wear resistance to the insert.

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Machining experts from the United Kingdom came with a varied list of machining requirements that reflect the many industries operating in every part of the British islands.

John, who represents an automotive company in the United Kingdom that machines difficult-to-cut materials, is just one member of a delegation that came with different machining requirements such as the ability to cut and drill through glass epoxy prepreg materials.

One demonstration that was shown was the thoroughbred of cutting tools, the new T-Burst which delivers high-pressure coolant directly to the cutting edge through dual coolant holes. The T-Burst’s adjustable nozzle makes it possible for high-pressure coolant to be streamed exactly in the required cutting zone between metal chip and the insert’s rake face.

In the milling category, representatives from every country already named and others that attended the seminar from Hungary, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand and Vietnam were curious about the expansion of the highly successful Mill2Rush family of cutters.

Intl Sem Sp 14-MID-DC3A6158-1

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The line’s new geometry has improved its performance on a variety materials and conditions.

Jurgen from Sweden learnt that Mill2Rush’s “ML” geometry design includes a high positive rake angle for reduced cutting force and minimum vibration and longer tool life.

“We operate low power consumption machines and after the tests I have seen, the ML (geometry) can do finishing operations very well,” Jurgen said.

Some representatives of the Malaysian and Vietnamese delegation were curious to find the right tools for their mold and die operations that include everything from press dies, injection molds, rubber molds, die casting molds and forging dies.

Abdullah from Malaysia explained that he read about the new ChaseMold but was not convinced that he could delegate some of his machines for the testing of the tool’s abilities.


“We are a small operation with limited machines and our machines are constantly operating but after seeing this test at the RYMX series I know that we can upgrade our current cutting tools with these,” Abdullah said.

Vietnam’s Tran had the same feeling but was more interested to see what the Chase2Hepta can do under the same cutting conditions he runs in his small 10-men machine shop.

“Chase2Hepta ran very well, now let’s see how it works in my factory,” he said.

Be it automotive, aerospace, mold and die, miniature, railway, shipbuilding, wind power, power generation or machine tools, participants from this seminar walked away equipped with the information they need in order to make informed decisions when choosing the right cutting tool for their manufacturing needs.

In the end, most were impressed with TaeguTec’s ability to offer tools that cut on cost and improve productivity for any size company and any type of material.

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Products on Triple-T

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