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TaeguTec News

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Seminar Cuts Through Curiosity of Indian, Japanese Customers

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India and Japan, two very different countries with very different applied metalworking practices used within their industrial powerhouses are also two important countries looking to improve on their existing operations by cutting on cost and improving on their production capabilities.

To assist manufacturing leaders from both countries, TaeguTec held a two-day seminar at its headquarters in South Korea where the gamut of cutting tools were on display and put to the test during extensive demonstrations on various materials.

In both these countries like all over the world, the machining industry faces pressure to cut on cost, enhance productivity and increase the quality of goods manufactured.

In today’s machining environment, the focus for machine shops is to create high quality products at a lower cost – the most effective way for manufacturers to achieve this goal is to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and make more complex, tightly toleranced parts.

Surviving this economic recession and emerging out of it with a competitive edge has been the main focus of companies in both countries.


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TurnRush High-speed Video
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For For Japan, the industrial leaders that attended the TaeguTec seminar came to examine how the Korean giant’s tools, which are geared towards maximizing production capabilities, can be applied to Japan’s current machining trends such as high-speed machining and knowledge-based systems.

India, a country that is advancing at remarkable rates, is a very different case than Japan. Currently, the country’s manufacturers are moving away from lower-level basic industrial equipment and automation technology and upgrading their machines and cutting tools.

This rejuvenation of the Indian manufacturing sector is infused by not only purchasing the newest and most advanced machine tools in the business today but by also having their machinists, maintenance engineers and managers attend technical seminars that are similar to the ones offered at the TaeguTec offices in South Korea and India in order to find the best solutions that will propel their companies into ones that lead their industry.

In Japan, hard milling is gaining prominence as a productivity-enhancing machining method used in machining molds and dies in hardened materials.

One new offering by TaeguTec that is gaining much interest in Japan is the HardMill, a new solid carbide end mill dedicated towards high-speed machining of high hardness materials.

With tougher application requirements demanded from the mold and die and aerospace industries, TaeguTec has applied the advanced coating of the TT5505 grade on the HardMill line in order to go beyond the current offerings available on the market right now. Its improved tool life and coating is a direct result of the ultrafine grain size substrate which, in the end, provides excellent surface finish.


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T-Burst Product Video
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“We produce many mold and die parts using many different kinds of materials for Japanese companies; the only thing that is common with what we do is that the products need to be of high-quality and ready for delivery as fast as possible, that’s why we were curious to see the HardMill demonstrated on the same materials and with the same cutting conditions as we use in our shops across Japan,” said a tooling manager from a popular Japanese firm.

Another Japanese heavy industries leader had many questions concerning the TT2510 grade, which is an ultra-fine grain size substrate with a specialized PVD coating that enhances the insert’s high wear and oxidation resistant characteristics, especially while machining at higher temperatures.

“We are having a growing demand for our products from all over the world and because of the strong competition from other countries, we have to deliver quickly but at the same time, have a higher quality product than the rest,” said the heavy industries manager.

In every case study against the leading competitor’s offering, TaeguTec’s TT2510 increased tool life by a minimum of 50 percent with maximums being off the charts.

“Two of the workpieces we use is the 1.2370 (HRC 58) and the H13 (HRC 50), in both tests today, and if this is correct, the first increased tool life by almost 400 percent compared to what we use now. The other was over 50 percent, we plan to examine this further at our shops in Japan,” he added.


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On the other hand, Indian manufacturers are at the crossroads between a nation whose companies still use lower-level technologies, those in the process of upgrading to meet the global needs of today and companies that have all the best machines money can buy.

To bolster its global competitiveness, Indian manufacturers in the automotive, petrochemical, electronics and chemical fields are interested in developing higher quality production capacities.

One tool that fits right into their game plan is the newly released ApexMill, an economic solid carbide end mill for general purpose machining on small depths-of-cut applications.

The ApexMill economical type’s two and four flute flat end mills is offered in various lengths to cover a wide range of roughing and finishing application on various materials.

“Our needs vary depending on the products we make on any given day. We have the need for a tool that can handle everything like alloy, carbon, cast iron, tool, stainless, hardened and pre-hardened steels but we need this tool to cost us less than what is out on the market right now. What we need is today’s technology with yesterday’s cost,” said an Indian owner of several plants across the subcontinent.

“On paper, the slotting applications looks good, it’s available in three flute flat end mills which includes a high helix angle, something that I can really use for some of my operations,” he added.

As the seminar progressed and deeper examples where demonstrated, more and more industrial leaders from both countries found that TaeguTec, not only as a company that provides tools but as a company that provides solutions, is easy and helpful to interact and collaborate with.

“These are areas that are needed in order to succeed and stay ahead of the game,” said another Indian machining leader.


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