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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8214-TOP-1

Rolling the Seminar
with TaeguTec Rolls

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The spring season in Korea is a beautiful time when the weather is perfect and the flowers are in full bloom; a perfect time to hold customer seminars for participants from around the world as well as those from Korea.

TaeguTec’s Industrial Products Division recently held their annual customer seminar focusing on some of their hottest products that are helping customers from every corner of the world reduce cost and increase productivity while eliminating the stress that can happen from dealing with the production of steel.

Over 100 participants from 17 countries took part in a three-day customer seminar followed by a two-day seminar geared towards 80 local customers.

During both seminars, engineers and purchasing agents for major steel companies around the world had the chance to discuss their needs and find solutions to everyday problems found at their steel mills.

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8443-MID-1

“In the past, when we found problems with the other companies’ rolls, TaeguTec worked with us to not only supply the rolls but fix challenges in the production line that might have caused the rolls from other companies to break,” said a purchasing agent for a major Brazilian steel making company.

He added that for his operation in Brazil, it is not the price of the rolls that dictate their purchasing decisions, it is the quality of the output and how long those rolls last.

A Mexican engineer for a big steel company there echoed the Brazilian’s sentiment and delved deeper into the breakdown of the cost of tungsten rolls versus steel rolls.

“If you don’t use tungsten carbide or TaeguTec products, then you have to use steel rolls and steel rolls have less hardness and wear easier, so by using steel rolls you end-up producing much less and you have to change the rolls 10 times more compared to the TaeguTec tungsten carbide rolls,” said the Mexican engineer.

For many companies around the world, the ongoing economic downturn is forcing them to find alternatives to counter the old ways of producing various steel products.

An executive from a major Italian steel company explained that in order to overcome the challenges posed by today’s economic environment, his company needed to stabilize the production at lower levels in order to reduce their cost.

He added that the main focus for the company is to start selling to markets outside of Italy, namely northern and southern Europe and neighboring northern Africa.

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Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8204-MID-1

Entering New Ground

But opening the purchasing doors of a very traditional Italian company in order to supply TaeguTec rolls to their steel mills in northern and southern Italy was not easy. 

“We are one of the very first companies in Europe to use tungsten carbide rolls. It was a little bit of a challenge in the beginning but now we are very satisfied,” said the Italian executive.

“These are rolls that are very expensive and it was a new element for us at the time we changed over. We were using a special high-grade iron, but we were promised that TaeguTec rolls would last more than double the amount of time than what we were using then. Also, the fact that this is a product coming from so far away was another element that made us reluctant to change.

“So we took the chance and tested the products, it was not only a classic customer supplier relationship, TaeguTec worked with us, we cooperated together and exchanged experiences. TaeguTec technicians visited our factories, they looked at our processes and together we developed the right rolls for us and our needs at the rolling mills,” he said.

TaeguTec Composite Rolls are designed for various applications from finishing blocks to intermediate mills. They produce more with an excellent surface finish through precise dimension control. Because of its wear resistance, downtime caused by changing rolls is minimized by over half the amount of time then with other rolls.

The Italian executive explained that these were all positive reasons why they changed over but the cherry on the icing was TaeguTec’s personal touch.

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Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8013-MID-1

“After we decided to work together, we went further by developing with TaeguTec the right carbide grade for our rolls. From there we worked together to modify our machines in the plant in order for them to match these new products. Now we are really completely satisfied,” he said.

Rolling with TaeguTec

The high quality of TaeguTec rolls are due to the company’s production line which is regarded as one of the biggest and most advanced automated carbide roll manufacturing plants in the world.

The facilities and systems at the carbide roll plant enables TaeguTec to produce innovative products for a diverse range of applications throughout the steel industry.

New applications and innovations are continuously introduced to increase productivity in order to serve the increasing demand the world over.

Besides Composite Rolls, TaeguTec also offers products for intermediate mills such as the Torque Roll which is free from slippage even under high rolling torque and low rolling speeds and its flexible and optimal design covers every requirement.

Other rolls for intermediate mills are the CantileveRoll, which comes in several grades and offers excellent toughness for high rolling torque and low rolling speeds, and the Block Roll which is has high crack-resistance.

TaeguTec also offers a slew of other rolls for the various applications found in every steel mill around the world and are acknowledged for its high quality products and most effective technology available in the market today.

Roll Seminar 14 Intl - DC3A8221-MID-1

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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