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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News


True Spirit Monozukuri
is at Heart of TaeguTec Japan

Interview with TaeguTec Japan General Manager

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While it is true that TaeguTec has only been operating in the Japanese market for seven years, the same can also be said about their determination to become an important supplier to the country’s manufacturing sector.

TaeguTec Japan general manager Komiya Nobuyuki is not a new comer to the game of cutting tools; he has spend his entire career working with TaeguTec’s sister company to increase a relatively unknown brand when it entered Japan into a company that garners a respectable amount of sales in a heavily saturated market.

With five TaeguTec offices strategically located in Japan, Komiya is looking to grow its presence and sales by increasing the amount of distributors that supply cutting tools to Japan’s industries.

High on the agenda is partnering up with more key distributors in the Osaka and Tokyo areas.

“It is important to deal with these distributors because they have many branches all over the country,” said Mr. Komiya during an interview at JIMTOF 2014.



Video Report of TaeguTec at JIMTOF 2014


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Another plan on the horizon for Mr. Komiya is to increase its sales force. But before that happens, Mr. Komiya is working to increase its sales in order to justify hiring more qualified sales engineers.

“Also, it’s important to get skilled cutting tools salespeople. We don’t believe in hiring from other companies so we work within and promote within the group, so we need time to get and train the right people ... we will achieve this soon,” he said with confidence.

For TaeguTec Japan, their top buyers are from the Japanese automotive sector which is one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world.

Japan has been in the top three of the countries with the most cars manufactured since the 1960s and TaeguTec has been increasing its presence in this important sector year-on-year since entering the Japanese market.

TaeguTec’s technologically advanced cutting tools have been gaining more and more converts from the automotive manufacturing sector due to its ability to cut cost and increase productivity, no matter the material.


Another powerful industry that TaeguTec is supplying tools to is an industry that became TaeguTec Japan’s second most important industry by the number of tools sold. Sales of special and regular tools to the power generation sector appeared recently when TaeguTec Japan started to supply cutting tools to a Japanese power generation multination that produces parts for nuclear power plants.

Testing was extensive, the company, which wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to make sure that the parts they produce with TaeguTec tools far exceeded the safety requirements imposed by not only the Japanese government but other important nuclear power plant producing nations.

The testing was such a success that the first shipments of special tools were produced and sent to the Japanese multinational with an even larger amount already ordered for the years to come.

Mr. Komiya is also looking to break deeper into the mold and die segment of the Japanese manufacturing game.

“Our products are far superior to what the competition offers,” he said.

Already, some Japanese mold and die manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Thailand and other parts of Asia have converted to using TaeguTec tools for the shaping of the mold and dies necessary for making various electronic components used in many households and offices the world over.

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Video Report of TaeguTec at JIMTOF 2012

What is impressive with TaeguTec is that it has reached a certain level of sales without any promotion or advertisement. It has achieved this by word of mouth and a strong relationship with dealers across the nation. Now, TaeguTec Japan is looking to expand on this success by working on different marketing plans that will be seen throughout the coming year.

The Japan International Machine Tool Fair is just one avenue and by early indication, Mr. Komiya sees their participation as a success.

“It’s a good opportunity to meet unknown customers, and existing customers can get information about our other products. JIMTOF is also the number 1 exhibition in the country and one of the top in the world so it’s important for us to participate no matter the cost,” he said.

TaeguTec Japan’s success can also be measured by its location at the famous exhibition. Located in the center of the exhibition hall, TaeguTec was able to attract more of the curious than ever before and also showed that TaeguTec is not a small company on the periphery of the exhibition grounds and the Japanese market – instead they have grown to become a strong contender and supplier to Japan’s leading world-class companies.


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