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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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High Number of Interest for
TaeguTec at IMTEX Marks Successful Participation

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The 17th edition of South Asia’s largest industrial show, IMTEX 2015 and the concurrent Tooltech 2015, came at a particularly fortuitous time of the year and the economy.

With the new Indian government’s recently redirected focus on manufacturing, and the economy showing warm signs of recovery, an overwhelmingly positive reception awaited TaeguTec at this apex exhibition. 

An initiative of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA), this seven day exhibition, which ran from January 22-28, received over a lakh of visitors to the stalls of more than 900 exhibitors from 24 countries.

“IMTEX (and the concurrent show Tooltech) has been a leading manufacturing show in this part of the world. It is a great opportunity to launch new products and technologies and connect closely with customers,” said TaeguTec India manager and president of IMTMA Mr. L. Krishnan.

At the TaeguTec stall, there was a constant stream of customers, industry experts, machinists, technology enthusiasts and curious students.

TaeguTec considers this exhibition an excellent opportunity because visitors represent the entire cross-section of the metalworking giant’s current and future customers from around the country.

On display were the complete array of TaeguTec’s innovative new tools and highly-productive industry-oriented solutions that increase productivity while cut on cost.

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Rushing the Rhino


RhinoRush's Excellent Chip Evacuation
(Click Here For More RhinoRush Videos)

One product that received a lot of attention not only at the exhibition but also by industry leaders and machinists in general is the RhinoRush line.

On a purely entertaining level, at the TaeguTec stall, RhinoRush was the center of attraction due to a life-size fiber sculpture of the animal that drew customers and the curious alike.

But once hooked by the intricate detail of the rhinoceros sculpture, machinists and industry leaders that have not yet discovered the advantages of the RhinoRush were quickly introduced to the cutting tool’s benefits and place in an every-changing metal-removing world.

In a modern machining environment, which places a strong focus on cost reduction, TaeguTec’s RhinoRush range of turning tools has evoked much interest and generated even more benefits and success in many shop floors in India and the world over.

Improved forging and casting technologies have made it possible to create precise components that allow for significantly reduced material-removing during machining.

Such material wastage concerns increasingly underscore the futility of using standard size inserts for intricate applications and small-dimension machining requirements. For instance, depths of cut in rough turning are predominantly in the range of 2-3 millimeters, thus turning the conventional ISO inserts with 12 mm and 15 mm cutting edge lengths redundant. 

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IMTEX 15-DSC_0082-MID SM-1


It is here that the RhinoRush’s smaller but optimal size inserts, invested with superior durability and same thickness as ISO inserts, come into place. Not to mention the amount of precious carbide – a rare earth metal – that machinists save using optimally sized inserts.

The 9 mm and 13 mm line of inserts are just as strong as the 12 mm, 15 mm and 16 mm inserts available but at a fraction of the cost and size. Repeated tests have proven that RhinoRush offers stable tool life even during high-speed machining, interrupted cutting and old machine set-ups.


Ace in the Hole

SpadeRush-NAV SM-1Also on display at India’s largest tool show was the SpadeRush which made its exhibition debut at IMTEX.

As one of the newest TaeguTec launches on display, the SpadeRush is another marvel of metal-cutting engineering due to the new line’s high productivity head changeable drills for large diameter hole-making.

Available as a standard drill in 3xD and 5xD for a diameter range of 26-41 mm, the SpadeRush’s unique clamping technology enables customers to quickly change drill heads without removing the clamping screw from the holder – an important feature that greatly reduces tool setting times and also machining downtime.

Furthermore, the asymmetrical base design of TaeguTec’s SpadeRush means error proof insert mounting, high tolerance, improved tool accuracy as well as repeatability, and an excellent surface finish.

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Typhoon Power


Typhoon Demonstration Video

Held Another tool that garnered much interest was the Typhoon, which deploys high-spindle speeds without having to invest in replacing the company’s machines.

TaeguTec’s revolutionary new technology used in the Typhoon facilitates high-speed machining on existing set-ups enabling increased efficiency, accuracy and improves the quality of the workpiece while saving significantly on cost and time.

High-speed machining remains unexplored in the industry owing to reasons of high cost and set-up, but TaeguTec’s Typhoon opens up big possibilities of high-speed finishing on several existing good, low-medium spindle-speed, high-rigidity machines.

The Typhoon system uses the existing machine's coolant supply, reaching rotation speeds of up to 40,000 RPM while the main machine spindle remains idle.

This unique coolant-driven high-speed machining spindle is recommended when high RPMs are required on standard CNC machines.

The Typhoon combines roughing applications using regular tools at regular parameters and low diameter finishing applications at high RPMs. The Typhoon can be mounted on tool magazines without any special adaptation and can be handled by ATC, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of the existing machine in the process.

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Quad Rushing


QuadRush High-speed Video
(Click Here For More QuadRush Videos)

TaeguTec’s QuadRush was also on display and is an extremely popular and productive product line for grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining. The line’s unique features include a four cutting edge insert line allowing excellent performance and repeatability.

With the line having now expanded into external threading applications, the unique, multi-corner four cutting edge insert, known for high accuracy and surface quality, are available in 60 degrees and 55 degrees partial profiles. What’s more, all QuadRush threading inserts are compatible with QuadRush standard cartridges and holders.


Making Hard Easy

Hardmill-NAV SM-1TaeguTec India also displayed the HardMill, a new solid carbide end mill dedicated towards high-speed machining of high hardness materials.

The end mill’s optimized shape gives the user levels of resistance to wear and tear that increases productivity and offers greater performance while at the same time, its superior radius and shaft tolerances enables for precise finishing operations.

Its benefits are accentuated by the PVD coated TT5505 grade, a new ultrafine substrate with resistance properties that improves tool life and offers excellent surface finish.

TaeguTec’s new end mill is available in 645 standard items and comes in three types: flat, radius and ball nose types. The HardMill is also available in a wide selection of neck lengths covering a broad range of applications for the mold and die, aerospace and general machining sectors.

The TaeguTec products and solutions were exceptionally well received at the exhibition and kept the salespeople and engineers busy for the entire duration of the seven days that included a weekend and a national holiday.

“The overwhelming response and interest from our customers and visitors augurs well for the times to come,” said Mr. Krishnan.



Video Report of TaeguTec at IMTEX 2015


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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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