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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News

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GoldRush Customer Seminar Highlights New Insights in Machining

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When existing and would-be customers attend one of the many seminars held at the TaeguTec office in South Korea, industry leaders and engineers leave the event motivated, energized and ready to go back to work equipped to apply new techniques or purchase the newest tools that will elevate their operations to a higher stratosphere.

TaeguTec, one of Asia’s largest metalworking companies, recently held one of its biggest customer seminars of the year by inviting over 140 engineers, machinists and industry experts from 11 countries.

During the two-day event, attendees took part in theoretical seminars and product demonstrations on a range of materials and cutting conditions conducted by some of the best product managers in the business explaining in detail the advantages TaeguTec’s newest tools can offer manufacturing companies.

RhinoRush has really helped us cut on our cost,” said one owner of an automotive parts producing company from Japan. “The smaller size makes it much stronger and we were able to cut our cost by as much as 50 percent within the first few months of operation and the tool life increased considerably cutting on the machine’s downtime which in turn, increased productivity.”


Eng Sem 14-story-DC3A6569-1


Bottlenecks Cuts


RhinoRush Screw Clamping Boring Bars, ML Chip Bteaker

He added that by applying the new range of tools from the RhinoRush family, their products supplied to one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in Japan have been delivered ahead of time due to the elimination of bottlenecks that were prevalent when using a popular European brand cutting tool line.

“Bottlenecks were also our biggest worry,” added a Malaysian mold and die manufactured that produces parts for high-end cameras.

For the Malaysian entrepreneur that started with only two machines 10 years ago, his company was able to grow to over 100 machines, mostly all using TaeguTec products.

“I found that the ChaseMill splitter inserts that was just introduced helped us reduce the cutting force and vibration of some of our unstable fixtures and was perfect for our high volume operations,” he added.

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Difficult-to-cut Made Easy


MillRush's High-speed Video
(Click Here For More MillRush Videos)

Users from Europe who produce parts from difficult to cut materials used in the aerospace sector came with some serious inquires concerning the newer tools that can be applied to their operations.

“(Name withheld) airline manufacturing company is pushing for stronger more reliable parts for the frame of their airplanes. In this case, we were curious about switching to the ChaseAlu or the MillRush lines because of their success in machining aluminum and titanium alloy,” said the European owner of a company that produces parts used in commercial airliners.

“For us, cost is not an issue, safety is more important and the trust the airline manufacturer has in the parts we produce, but to tell you the truth, it’s nice to also have the parts produced at a cheaper cost, quickly with the same level of safety that we are known for,” he added.

Other companies that do not have the luxury of operating expensive, powerful CNC and other machinery has inquiries concerning the possibility of tools that can increase the power of their older machines.

Eng Sem 14-story-DC3A6526-1


New Tools


Typhoon High-speed Jet Spindle

In this case, TaeguTec recently unveiled the Typhoon; a revolutionary high-speed jet spindle developed for applications that need high RPMs for small diameter tools on slow RPM machines.

“We were very skeptical about this when we read the product brochure to the point that we did not trust it at all, but after seeing it in action on the same materials we use at our shop; we now know that it can be very useful in our milling and holemaking operations. The good thing is that we do not need to upgrade our machines, this was a very big worry for us and a huge investment that we are not ready to invest in yet,” said an owner from a small Russian machining shop.

Another factory owner from Europe who deals in machining carbon fiber reinforced plastics came to the seminar to learn about the newer ways he can use special tools and the DiaMill line.

“Machining CFRPs are incredibly difficult and time consuming. While the tools from TaeguTec do the job wonderfully, the need to produce parts quicker is getting more of an issue for us as more and more orders are placed so this seminar showed me a different way of working by not only eliminating bottlenecks but also improving the speed of the procedure without damaging the tools, machine or materials used,” he said.


Producing parts used in wind power is becoming a major industry for many nations including the Netherlands where they have a long tradition of using wind to power everything from farm equipment to homes.

“The LionMill has been a good tool for us, also DrillRush is another tool that is incredibly reliable but now we are curious about the SpadeRush that just came into the market, it looks good so far,” said a producer of parts used in the production of hubs used as a base for the rotor blades and extenders generally made from strong iron alloy.

After the seminar, took the attendees of the seminar to a two-day fun-packed sightseeing trip through the nation’s capital before going home ready with new information that will help them cut their cost and increase their productivity.

To witness firsthand demonstrations of TaeguTec tools, contact your local distributor or supplier. For more information, visit


Eng Sem 14-story-DC3A6453


New Product News

ChaseMillPower-2PKT-MID LG-1

More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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