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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News


Serbian Machining Made Easy
with Full Line of Solutions

TaeguTec Tools for All Types of Materials, Conditions, Applications, Sizes of Companies

Serbia’s long tradition in metalworking is changing and becoming a viable and important sector that accounts for 6 percent of the national GDP.

With its highly-skilled labor force, trained to meet European standards, and a labor cost among the lowest in Europe, manufacturing giants from neighboring countries are taking advantage of what Serbia has to offer in order to keep costs low while also creating quality products.

Driven by the auto industry, Serbia’s metal processing economy has seen an increase in foreign direct investments in recent years, which has trickled down to other sectors such as general machining.

For the country and industries to grow and prosper, TaeguTec has in its arsenal a large selection of avant-garde cutting tools that shape every part of the industrial gamut. Asia’s metalworking giant’s huge catalogue of tools, offers companies, big or small, solutions that help them achieve sales targets, cut on cost and increase productivity with little worry or stress.

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QuadRush High-speed Video
(Click Here For More QuadRush Videos)

From Quads to Rhinos

For grooving, parting lateral turning and chamfer machining, TaeguTec’s highly successful QuadRush line, with its unique four-cutting edge insert line, allows for excellent performance and repeatability.

The QuadRush insert's unique high positive chip breaker enables for machining multiple applications while providing excellent chip control; all factors that make the popular line an economical and efficient cutting tool for any parting or grooving application.

For Turning, TaeguTec’s mini insert has the power way beyond its size. The success of the RhinoRush line has been enjoyed in every industry all over the world mostly due to the improved casting and forging technologies that demand a change from the conventional cutting tool.

The RhinoRush’s depths-of-cut in rough turning are in the range of 2 millimeters to 3 mm, thus rendering the 12 mm to 15 mm conventional ISO turning inserts’ cutting edge lengths redundant.

The idea behind the RhinoRush line is to offer a series of 9 mm and 13 mm mini tuning inserts that are just as strong as the 12 mm, 15 mm and 16 mm inserts while meeting the manufacturing industry's needs of reduced machining cost and competitiveness.

TaeguTec’s RhinoRush also has a unique two directional clamping force that outperforms the conventional ISO directional clamping force tools on the market.

The series includes various holders with rigid clamping and different types of chip breakers that can handle any alloy.

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MillRush Product Video
(For More MillRush Videos)
(For Mill2Rush Videos)

Milling It

In milling operations, TaeguTec offers various options depending on the operator’s requirements.

MillRush, the super high positive helical insert with three cutting edges, is a next generation tool that exceeds productivity expectations by opening new possibilities in general milling, mold and die and aerospace applications. It provides a highly productive true 90 degrees milling solution for improved economy and its inserts are thicker and stronger than conventional two edge inserts.

Other features of the MillRush inserts are a wiper for superb surface finish quality, super high positive axial rake for low cutting force and an innovative cutting edge geometry for effective chip evacuation.

If a company is looking for inserts to fit onto existing ISO cutters, TaeguTec offers a convenient solution that helps to reduce the cost of replacing cutters and handling inventory; TaeguTec’s SPKN and TPKN inserts.

Double the Power

For improved performance and cost reduction, the Mill2Rush and the Chase2Quad are two tools that use tomorrow’s technology for today’s solutions.

The Mill2Rush is a double-sided, positive insert with six cutting edges that covers a broad range of shoulder milling, 90 degree applications.

Within the line, the Mill2Rush TNMX 18’s triangular shape and double-sided six cutting edges make the insert a truly economical solution for the various operations used in today’s multifaceted manufacturing companies.


Furthermore, TaeguTec’s TNMX 18 inserts and cutters are designed for facing, shouldering and slotting applications on a wide range of materials such as low and high carbon steel, alloy, tool, stainless and gray cast iron steels.

Another milling tool TaeguTec recommends is the complete Chase2Quad line, which has a 45 degrees entering angle, eight cutting edges for economical performance and its positive chip breakers handle all materials.

Drilling for Gold

When it comes to drilling, the indexable drill name to trust is the TopDrill line. Designed and produced through a new engineering process, the TopDrill has been built to satisfy a growing market demand for flexibility and excellent performance.

The TopDrill’s true four corner inserts are suitable for both internal and external pocket reducing inventory and promotes cost reduction. The holder’s prominent flute shape with helix type internal coolant ensures chip evacuation and machining stability.

The TopDrill has been built for improved tool life and is equipped with a new insert grade for enhanced durability. This is a standard full line series with diameter ranges from 14 mm to 26 mm and holder sizes of 2xD, 3xD, 4xD, and 5xD types.

For more information about these and all products, visit TaeguTec products in Serbia can be found by visiting



TopDrill Product Video
(For More TopDrill Videos)

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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