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TaeguTec News


Esong Sings a Song of Success After TaeguTec’s Improvements

Switching Over Saved the Company in Production Cost and Increased Productivity

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If cars are measured by their quality not only off the showroom floor but several years down the road, then the same must be said about the companies that produce the parts that propel these vehicles into our hearts.

One auto parts producer that has built a reputation for making strong, reliable parts for the big Korean automakers is Esong. For almost a decade, Esong has cultivated a reputation for making quality parts that go into every Hyundai and Kia car on the road everywhere in the world.

Esong began operations in 2007 and currently produce mostly to the big two Korean automakers and Hyundai Wia, but this is just the beginning because they have plans to expand their operations to include more business with companies in Korea and around the world as well.

Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and Hyundai Wia are so satisfied with the quality of the annulus gears, rear plate carriers and rear cup carriers that Esong produces that demand keeps increasing.

Their success began when they started to use TaeguTec cutting tools almost exclusively to produce the highly technical parts that go into making medium and larger passenger vehicles for the big two Korean car companies.


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Gearing It

While the Annulus gear was easy to manufacture and did not give them much headache, the same cannot be said for the rear plate carrier and rear cup car parts which are made from carbon steel and machined after the heat treatment process.

Before moving to TaeguTec, Esong was using two separate tools to bore and to chamfer the rear cup carrier into shape, a process that was tedious and took too much time especially considering that orders were coming in quicker than they were going out.

TaeguTec came up with a solution that reduced the cycle time and ended up saving Esong over 3 million won a month.

Prior to TaeguTec, Esong was using tools from two very popular cutting tool suppliers which placed them at the mercy of those companies’ availability, lack of experience and lack of the right tool for the job.

To perform the facing operation, engineers at Esong used a popular Japanese company’s offering. They found that the surface roughness of the finished part using the Japanese company’s cutting tool did not achieve their target of RA 3.2.


MillRush's Excellent Chip Evacuation
(Click Here For More MillRush Videos)

In this case, TaeguTec came in with the highly popular MillRush three-corner 3PKT insert, something that the big Japanese and Swedish cutting tool companies did not have in their arsenal.

To achieve their required target, the MillRush 3PKT insert with the latest GoldRush coating grade was applied on roughing applications and the cermet CT7000 was used for the finishing interrupted cutting operation.

MillRush is TaeguTec's benchmark high productivity tool for general engineering, die and mold and aerospace industries. Its highly productive true 90 degrees milling solution with three helical cutting edge inserts has help Esong and many other companies lower the cost of manufacturing while increasing productivity.

MillRush inserts are thicker and stronger than conventional two edge inserts, come with wiper technology for superb surface finish quality, easily handle low cutting forces due to its super high positive axial rake and its innovative cutting edge geometry is effective for easy chip evacuation.

M2R 6NKU04-banner

Carrying Plates

Esong-DSC_7036-NAV SM-1The other challenge for Esong was in the production of rear plate carriers, which are machined after a nitriding heat treatment. To make sure they are getting the most out of their cutting tools, they discussed with TaeguTec how they can use less than the four kinds of tools they are were using at the time.

As a finish turning tool, Esong used the pricey ceramic coated inserts recommended to them by a popular Swedish company, TaeguTec explained that they can do better and applied the PVD coated CT3000 cermet line which reduced their cycle time from 120 seconds to 77 seconds. One of the reasons for such a big jump in production was because of a special collet chuck that increased the RPMs during the machining process.

Prior to the change, Esong used three separate machines to produce rear plate carriers, but now, after TaeguTec applied their know-how and the right tool, Esong was able to produce the same part using two machines, a process that saved them over 35 million won a year.

But that was just one answer to the solution for the production of rear plate carriers, next came the grooving part of the overall equation.

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QuadRush TQs Chip Breakers-NAV SM-NEW-1

In order to affectively groove rear plate carriers, TaeguTec applied a special QuadRush TQJ 27-1.7 four-corner insert that was developed especially for Esong, something that their Swedish cutting tool supplier was not able to do.

By switching over, Esong extended the tool’s life, a process that saved them about 40 million won per year.

QuadRush's unique four cutting edges allows for excellent performance and repeatability and guarantees excellent surface quality on grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfering operations.

The highlight of the QuadRush “TQJ” line offers good chip control, tolerance and surface finish while cutting on cost and increase productivity.

With all these successes in tow, TaeguTec and Esong enjoy a fruitful relationship that has helped both companies reach a high level of respect from their business partners.

Esong-DSC_7057-NAV SM-1


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New Product News

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