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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec News


TaeguTec Locks Successful
Flow of Energy with DK-Lok

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction by Providing Highest Quality Products Starts with Right Cutting Tool

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Making sure that fittings and valves are manufactured to be a leak-tight seal goes beyond following the most stringent industry standards, it is a passion that drives DK-Lok to provide reliable, safe products the world over.

But the creation of quality fittings and valves is more than the excellent customer service they provide, it starts by using the best raw materials and cutting tools in order to create products that are used in industries like oil and gas, heavy, natural gas vehicles, rail and high-speed rail, ship and marine engines, natural gas connectors and nuclear.

After all, if one of their products fail because they are poorly manufactured, the results can be devastating; that is why DK-Lok has searched for a cutting tool supplier that shares the same philosophy that drives their business into creating safe parts that secure the wellbeing of the people that use the products and services from these important lifelines of society.

Yet, like all businesses in today’s cost cutting world, the overall price is heavily scrutinized. The difference with DK-Lok is that they needed to cut cost without skimping on manufacturing safe products. 





TopDrill's Excellent Chip Evacuation
(Click Here For More MillRush Videos)

This is where TaeguTec came into the picture, by developing a special drill based on its highly successful TopDrill line.

The workhorse of the cutting tools market, TopDrill, is characterized by its true four-corner inserts which are suitable for both internal and external pockets while at the same time reduces inventory and promotes cost reduction.

The holder's prominent flute shape with helix type internal coolant ensures smooth, quick and easy chip evacuation and machining stability.

The TopDrill’s ideally configured cutting edges enables for optimum chip control by minimizing the cutting load and ensures remarkable machining performance on conventional carbon and alloy steel as well as difficult to machine materials.

All this was attractive to DK-Lok, but to make sure that the TopDrill can handle their difficult and complicated manufacturing processes, TaeguTec spent a month conducting real-world onsite tests.




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TopDrill-DA-DK-MID SM-A-1

Previously, DK-Lok needed to use several cutting tools from a few providers for their roughing operations which took a long time to manufacturer, but after the transfer into the world of TaeguTec, the giant Korean valve and fittings company found something they did not expect but were pleasantly surprised.

TaeguTec research and development team created a special drill based on its TopDrill line and combined it with a chamfering tool, the end result made it possible for the evacuation of the chips to be as smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter.

In just one shot, they were able to cut the cycle time of their roughing operations by half the amount of time it took previously when they were using the top Japanese and European cutting tools.

One of the heads of manufacturing at DK-Lok explained that previously, cycle times took anywhere between 45-50 seconds and that chip evacuation was not ideal. To make matters worse, it took several passes and several kinds of tools to produce their parts. Not only that, they needed a small insert to bore holes.

TaeguTec’s offering did the job they were dreaming of. The new TopDrill special tool’s double effective design coupled together with the SOMT insert and the CDMW chamfering inserts were able to perform the operations in just one pass – a process that reduced the cycle time to 20-22 seconds, a 35 percent productivity increase.




DK-LOK-DSC_7167-MID-1To create this cutting tool industry marvel, TaeguTec had to contend with a very tricky miniature manufactured part, the valve’s connector unions which like the name suggests, connects pipes together so that the flow of gas or oil travels smoothly and safely.

To produce this part of the valve, DK-Lok needed a small turning insert that performs boring operations effortlessly and efficiently, easier said than done.

Previously, to produce the small hole needed, the internal boring operation on stainless steel 316L was conducted in several passes which created many chip challenges and on top of that, it took too long.

With TaeguTec’s special TopDrill, the two inserts perform the machining operation in just one pass creating a two for the price of one scenario while at the same time substantially decreasing the rejection rate.

Yet, with all this success of the special TopDrill cutting tool, the end result was not only due to TaeguTec’s engineers, the process’s were optimized by DK-Lok’s team manager Mr. B.H. Hwang who adjusted the parameters such as speed and feed in order to keep the cutting load the same; the end result, a beautiful collaboration in the foray of manufacturing where quality, efficiency and safety amalgamated to create valves and fittings that put customers on the right path to a happier, healthier life.




The bottom line was equally impressive.

DK-LOK-DSC_7250-MID-1First and foremost, in order to achieve the proper end result for the drilling of the connector union, TaeguTec applied six major sizes to the finished product: a 1/2 inch size tool, a 3/4 inch and a 1 inch size tool as well as tools that measure 12 millimeter, 20 mm and 25 mm.

Because of reduced cycle time and the reduction of bottlenecks and overall line improvements, DK-Lok was able to increase productivity by as much as 40 percent.

TaeguTec was so successful with this part of DK-Lok’s machining operations that more and more cutting tools suppliers were replaced with TaeguTec’s state-of-the-art tools encompassing almost every facet of the company’s manufacturing processes.

Now, TaeguTec supplies other tools such as the DrillRush, the RhinoRush, the QuadRush, turning ISOs and face milling cutters. Put together, TaeguTec reduced 10 million seconds of cycle time per year in just one line, which saved DK-Lok about $87,000 a year and propelled the company into a new stratosphere of respect and sales for their valves and fittings.

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New Product News

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Bottom line


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