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TaeguTec News: Page 2

TaeguTec Times Special Report: Platinum Jubilee Anniversary
A Century of Progress

A century ago in a small rural village located in Gangwon Province, the Sang Dong Tungsten mine was opened. A century later the seed that was planted has grown into a success story. Roughly 50 years later, the Korean government realized the mine’s importance and founded the Korean ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News:
TaeguTec International Seminar Winning Formula
For three days in November, TaeguTec customers and subsidiaries came together at its state-of-the-art campus to participate in seminars examining the company’s latest product lines that tackle machining and set the standard for the future on a wide range of materials from steel to cast iron to difficult-to-cut ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
Inspiring Leaders from India, Russia, Ukraine

In order to better serve its customers while also introduce new tools and explain in detail the advantage of some of the company’s focus products, TaeguTec invited about 100 manufacturing leaders from India, Russia and Ukraine to a two-day seminar that provided current and potential customers ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
TT Highlights Cutting Tools at EMO 2015

On display where TaeguTec’s complete range of cutting tools that span the gamut of industries from aerospace to automotive, from energy to medical and from general machining to everything in between. To facilitate the curious, TaeguTec had on hand its highly qualified Italian and Korean sales force and ... MORE 

IP Sem Fall 15-DC3A1527-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times News
Rolling the Rolls for Korean Steel Industry

For two days, customers attended extensive lectures that covered information concerning the myriad of TaeguTec’s industrial products like carbide rolls and rods, carbide and ceramic wear parts and dies and anvils. They also visited TaeguTec’s technologically advanced roll production facility which is ... MORE 

EMO 15-DSC_5178-MAIN-A-1

TaeguTec Times Special Report: EMO Milano 2015
TaeguTec Shines Future for Prosperous Italy

Italy is known for producing some of the highest quality goods that are sought after the world over with fashion and food being the most popular; but there are other areas that are just as prized such as machinery, automotive, aerospace and naval – all areas where TaeguTec tools help shape Italy’s reputation as ... MORE  ITALIANO

EMO Milano 15-Auto-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times Special Report: EMO Milano 2015
Italy’s Auto Industry Back on the Road

In order to assist the auto industry’s supporting sectors increase productivity and manufacture safer quality cars while bringing down cost, TaeguTec offers cutting tools that help auto parts producers gain the upper edge over the stiff European competition. Achieving a higher level of excellence is not a ... MORE  ITALIANO

EMO Milano 15-Drills-Banner MAIN-B-1

TaeguTec Times Special Report: EMO Milano 2015
Drilling Solutions for Golden Italian Market

TaeguTec in Italy has several options for those looking to perform efficient drilling operations no matter if the factor relies upon the speed of production, the amount of money shops wants to save, the materials being drilled into or a combination of all these factors. One of the industry’s favorite choices when ... MORE  ITALIANO

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TaeguTec Times Special Report: EMO Milano 2015
Molding Italy’s Highly Acclaimed Products

In Italy, just like in every highly developed country, molds and dies are the indispensable mother tool for the production of industrial goods and, as a finished product, has elevated Italian products worldwide. TaeguTec, the Asian metalworking giant, has a plethora of tools for the shaping of complex 3D ... MORE  ITALIANO

Brazil Sem Fall 15-DC3A1235-MAIN-1

TaeguTec Times News
Beating Brazil’s Economic Heat with Hot Tools

TaeguTec recently held a customer seminar for industrial leaders from Brazil showcasing its newest cutting tools that continuously outperform the competition and in doing so, is taking over a market that has been traditionally held by bigger European and American players. While Brazil’s recession ... MORE 

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