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TaeguTec News

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TaeguTec International
Seminar is a Winning Formula

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For three days in November, TaeguTec customers and subsidiaries came together at its state-of-the-art campus to participate in seminars examining the company’s latest product lines that tackle machining and set the standard for the future on a wide range of materials from steel to cast iron to difficult-to-cut materials like composites, aluminum and titanium.

“Servicing the automotive industry demands high productivity cutting tools like the QuadRush used in shallow grooving,” said a representative from a giant British company who requested anonymity.

For the representative, the tools must effectively machine aluminum and aluminum alloys.

“The QuadRush’s error proof design and four cutting corners design increased productivity and in turn, cut costs proving reliability,” he added.

Another British customer currently benefitting from the United Kingdom’s growth in the automotive and aerospace segments explained that they have been looking at a variety of tooling solutions for turning, drilling and milling applications.

“TaeguTec has always been a dependable partner in the past. Their ability to provide comprehensive support has been crucial for our on-the-spot production success,” he said.

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As a result, he came to see how TaeguTec’s latest tooling solutions can meet his expansion plans.

Giovanni Ongaro, TaeguTec Italy’s managing director pointed out that these seminars showcase the latest GoldRush lines that push the productivity envelope.

“Italy is the seventh largest automotive manufacturer globally and this demands high productivity cutting tools,” he said.

Mr. Ongarro further stated, “In providing solutions like the DrillRush with its expanded diameter and depth-of-cut range, Taegutec has played an important role in improving productivity and reducing cycle-time for our customers.

“This year, we would like to show the further innovations we’ve made to the DrillRush line to continue productivity improvement and cycle reduction time.”

An example Mr. Ongarro cites is the DrillRush now available in 6.0-6.9 millimeter diameter drill heads for 1.5xD, 3xD and 5xD tool shanks.

One customer from Singapore explained that “it eliminates the need to remove the entire drill from the spindle to replace the head.  This shortens the workload into a single operation which means shortened work cycles.”


DrillRush High-Speed Video
(Click Here For More DrillRush Videos)

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A European representative working in the aerospace sector explained that “High speed machining is required for our industry because we heavily work with titanium or aluminum alloys.”

“For our purposes, and there are many, TaeguTec’s MillRush, ChaseAlu and AluMill lines are excellent high-speed cutting solutions because they offer us the required rigidity, reduced cutting force, optimal speeds and feeds, and, in the end, we benefit from higher productivity and overall cost reduction.”

The MillRush and Mill2Rush line now includes extended flute cutters; an addition that has increased metal removal rates.

For With the ChaseAlu’s XEVT line, industries now have high precision and excellent surface roughness in aluminum and non-ferrous machining based on the family’s existing strengths as well as new innovations.

TaeguTec’s milling team technical manager elaborated further on the improvements, “both types are designed with a stable V shape bottom as well as a unique stopper for rigid clamping and stability.”

Earlier this year, TaeguTec combined the power of two indexable drill lines into one package. The TwinRush combines a centering insert with a pair of precise square inserts (inner pocket/outer pocket type) on either side of the drill shielded by the remarkable TT9080 PVD multilayered coating grade.


MillRush Splitter Insert
(Click Here For More Splitter Videos)


Intl Sem F15-DC3A9968-MID-1


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This tool combines the revolutionary DrillRush with the capability of precision self-centered machining for high hole concentricity and two outer SPGX 4 corner inserts equipped with a wiper for improved surface roughness.

One hole-making teams’ project manager explained that the new addition “comes in a range from 26 to 45 mm and a 5xD depth of cut as a standard item, we are reaching out to a market segment that requires productivity and economy rolled into one.”

For both customers and subsidiaries, the importance of TaeguTec seminars cannot be understated because for three days, customers have the chance to build real working and personal relationships with each other and with TaeguTec product managers.

An Indonesian industrial leader explained that he appreciates the personal visit, “it lets me see the company’s campus and the high level invested in the R&D for tomorrow’s cutting tools.”

For TaeguTec it is a simple winning formula; groundbreaking new tools and close collaboration with customers through seminars is the key to success.

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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