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TaeguTec News

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TaeguTec Highlights Avant-garde Cutting Tools at EMO Milan 2015

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It has been six years since EMO was hosted in Italy. During that time, TaeguTec has grown to become a major provider to the Italian economy by supplying cutting tools that help companies cut cost, increase productivity and continue to produce some of the highest quality products the world expects from Italy.

From Oct. 5-10, industrial leaders from every sector in Italy and the world visited the TaeguTec booth at EMO Milan to discuss the Asian metalworking giant’s technologically advanced cutting tools and new methods of manufacturing that can optimize their existing systems.

On display was TaeguTec’s complete range of cutting tools that span the gamut of industries from aerospace to automotive, from energy to medical and from general machining to everything in between.

To facilitate the curious, TaeguTec had on hand its highly qualified Italian and Korean sales force and engineering experts that focus on helping customers achieve a higher rate of machinability due to their specialized training in every industry and extensive knowledge of any alloy or composite material utilized.

Moreover, TaeguTec engineers were able to exceed expectations by not only discussing the newest cutting tool innovations on display, but were also fully qualified to explain in great detail how TaeguTec tools will be able to machine the technological innovations that will determine the future of manufacturing production within any sector.

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For TaeguTec, this advanced level of expertise and service are just part of the company’s philosophy and no better place to show it off than at this travelling biennial show where manufacturers and production specialists from around the world gather to discover real instruments of industrial production.

TaeguTec’s tools on display covered everything such as turning, parting and grooving, thread making, milling and drilling as well as various solid end mills and advanced tooling systems.

When drilling is concerned, there is no substitute for the highly successful head changeable DrillRush line, which also includes a flat-face geometry head for flat-bottom machining and the 12xD drill that produces deep holes accurately, repeatedly and economically.

TaeguTec also displayed two of its newest drilling leaders, the SpadeRush and TwinRush.

The SpadeRush, a new line of cost effective, high productivity head changeable drills for large diameter hole making stays within the cycle times necessary for manufacturing companies to be competitive due to its optimized cutting edge and unique rigid clamping system that generates higher productivity and outstanding performance.


DrillRush High-Speed Video
(Click Here For More DrillRush Videos)


EMO Milan 15-DSC_0104-MID LG-1


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The other new player on the drilling scene, the TwinRush, guarantees excellent performance and high productivity on large diameter holes because of its noticeable feature of joining together a centering insert with a pair of precise square inserts on either side in order to combine two different drill types onto one drill body and protect them with TaeguTec’s TT9080 PVD multi-layered coated grade. By doing so, this double effective design increases productivity.

For the shaping of molds and dies, TaeguTec’s popular ChaseFeed line was expanded to include the single-sided positive four cutting edge SBMT 13, a high positive helix cutting edge insert designed for smooth machining during high feed machining applications.

For profiling applications, TaeguTec’s Chase2Mold, with its double-sided positive geometry round insert, offers maximum economy due to its strength, cutter design and positive geometries that significantly enhance productivity even in difficult machining applications.

When milling various alloys, TaeguTec’s benchmark high productivity MillRush and Mill2Rush lines covers the gamut of industries such as automotive, general engineering, die and mold and aerospace by providing a highly productive line that improves economic output.

Other tools on display included the ingenious work of art, the QuadRush. This multi-corner four cutting edge line is known for high accuracy and surface quality in parting and grooving applications and has been recently expanded to handle threading applications as well.

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EMO Milan 15-DSC_0094-MID LG-1


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In order to perform slotting operations effectively, TaeguTec’s TopSlot is the go-to tool. The full range of TopSlot tools also comes in a mini format and a new line of economic mill grooving inserts and cutters to optimally perform slot-machining.

If good things come in small packages then TaeguTec’s line of mini turning inserts, the RhinoRush, comes at a time when the improved casting and forging technologies demand a change from the conventional cutting tool.

The premier metalworking exhibition attracted over 155,000 visitors coming from 120 countries to visit many of the 1,600 enterprises sprawled out in the beautiful, 120,000 square meter Fieramilano exhibition complex.

For more information about TaeguTec, visit www.taegutec.com



Video Report of EMO Milan 2015


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New Product News

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