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TaeguTec News

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Beating Brazil’s Economic Heat
with Hot TaeguTec Cutting Tools

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The size and the duration of Brazil’s manufacturing recession are worse than expected but what would be considered a negative, TaeguTec turns into a positive with a customer seminar geared towards weathering the storm while looking to the future.

TaeguTec recently held a customer seminar for industrial leaders from Brazil showcasing its newest cutting tools that continuously outperform the competition and in doing so, is taking over a market that has been traditionally held by bigger European and American players.

While Brazil’s recession is deepening, the fact remains that these dark days for Latin America’s largest country is expected to strengthen over the next several years.

That is why at the customer seminar, TaeguTec showcased its next generation tools that cut on cost and increase productivity for the sectors that are suffering the most such as auto, electronic equipment, refined petroleum products, and general engineering.

The weak carmaking industry continues to negatively affect activity in most intermediate industries.

“That is why we are here,” explained an executive at one of the big auto parts companies. “We are looking for new solutions and services.

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“TaeguTec’s engineers work with us. Other cutting tool companies just want to sell. TaeguTec is more about finding solutions, and they did it by eliminating a major bottleneck that slowed our production.”

The executive added that they are actively searching for tools that last longer. One example he gave was the new coating technology Life+, which has shown promise on some of their initial testing.

Another executive explained that he has had several challenges with other cutting tool companies when it comes to drilling into composite materials.

At the seminar, TaeguTec explained that they have had a lot of success machining CFRPs and showed him the results from European companies that use similar materials.

“The initial talks were good. On paper, TaeguTec tools look like they can do the job, now we will see what happens at our factory when we start with a few machines,” he said.

The reality of the current economic situation in Brazil is forcing companies into new methods of machining and rethinking their existing cutting tool suppliers for companies that can handle the figurative heat of the economy and the physical heat of increased machining.

“The tools we saw during the demonstrations transcend the current slowdown we have now. They will help us overcome our drop in manufacturing and when the economy will start to perform better next year, we will be in a perfect position,” said a different executive from an automotive company.

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


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