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TaeguTec Times Feature
Machining South African Industries

A For 100 years, TaeguTec has been in the business of supplying the best products to companies around the world. While times have changed the one that has not is the superior quality and service offered by TaeguTec to all the manufacturing facets in South Africa. As the continent’s largest African investor, South Africa ... MORE

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TaeguTec Times Special Report: Platinum Jubilee Anniversary
Sporting Legacy of Success Since 1952

TaeguTec, formerly Korea Tungsten Corporation (KTC), played significant roles in South Korea’s development not only in the image of the country as a sporting nation and in the world of business and manufacturing but also as a key player in the motivational inspiration for future generations to succeed in sports ... MORE


TaeguTec Times News
India Automotive Seminar for Road Ahead

To assist in the automotive sector’s growth, TaeguTec recently held a customer seminar for almost 50 executives, decision makers and managers in some of the country’s leading automotive productive parts companies. For two days, guests attended seminars covering the newest, technologically ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
Dawn of a New Manufacturing Era in China

China is at a crossroads as it works to maintain its cost advantage and core low-cost production base while also building the more complex capabilities that are required for advanced manufacturing. Executives that gathered recently at a TaeguTec customer seminar explained that the economic growth ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
Thai Smiles to TaeguTec Customer Seminar

To ensure that Thailand’s biggest strength, its automotive manufacturing industry, still purrs smoothly past this current economic slump, TaeguTec held a small customer seminar to showcase its newest tools that can handle any material brought on by the industry. The high standards of originally produced ... MORE 

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TaeguTec Times News
TaeguTec - A 'Positive Insert' at MACH 2016

TaeguTec's much anticipated return to MACH had a number of reasons to be celebrated; it's the company's centenary year and marks the return to the premier British manufacturing exhibition in a decade. But the real celebration was the astounding lead generation, the signing of a long-term ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times News
TT Hosts Korean Aerospace Customer Seminar

No matter the heights of evolution the aerospace industry goes through, the one thing that is constant when it comes to machining complex precision parts either for commercial or military purposes is accuracy, repeatability and efficiency. In order to properly service customers, TaeguTec constantly ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times Feature: Success Story
Reading Chips Improved Auto Parts Producer

In machining, a problem like poor chip manageability can cause massive challenges no matter the size of the manufacturing company. For TaeguTec, reading chip formation is like reading tea leaves – this is where answers are found in order to control turning cost, tool life and surface finish, all factors ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times Feature: Success Story
Unilathe on the Rail-Road To Success

The prolonged depression in the oil and gas sector is impacting business for subcontractors the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. However, Unilathe is a subcontract manufacturer that sees the downturn as a small bump in the road credit to its diversification strategy and more importantly its £3 ... MORE 


TaeguTec Times News
Tweeting Away with TaeguTec now on Twitter

In order to expand TaeguTec’s social media footprint and better serve industrial users, the Asian metalworking giant is proud to announce the launch of the company’s official Twitter account. Our professional staff will tweet news and developments from ... MORE 

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