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TaeguTec News


India Automotive Industry
Looks to Road Ahead

Auto Manufacturers Visit TaeguTec to Examine Technologically Advanced Tools that Shape Future

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The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and plays an important role in the country’s economy by significantly contributing to the manufacturing GDP.

According to the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers, the Indian automotive sector today is a $74 billion industry and by 2026, the industry is expected to achieve a turnover of $300 billion.

Therefore the growth in the automotive industry is very closely watched by all the nation’s stakeholders in order to assure that this rise continues with few hiccups.

To assist in the automotive sector’s growth, TaeguTec recently held a customer seminar for almost 50 executives, decision makers and managers in some of the country’s leading automotive productive parts companies.

For two days, guests attended seminars covering the newest, technologically advanced cutting tools that increase productivity and cut cost, spoke to product managers about ways to improve their manufacturing output and witnessed firsthand real-world product demonstrations on the materials they currently use and will use in the near future.




“Drilling demo was exciting, on an inclined surface is a challenge and we found some good recommendations to examine for our future,” said a purchasing manager for an Indian auto parts manufacturer.

“Since we are a medium size company that competes with the larger ones, we need tools that cut cost and increase productivity. We have large volumes of machining and what we saw here are definitely worth pursuing,” he added.

For holemaking applications, TaeguTec offers some of the finest tools in the business such as the TopDrill, SpadeRush, TwinRush and the hugely successful total package, the DrillRush.

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DR-DblMargin-NAV SM-1

During the product demonstrations, several different DrillRush products where showcased on a rainbow of materials such as the flat bottom drill, the long drill, a pre-thread drill, a small diameter DrillRush and chamfering rings that attach to DrillRush products.

“As an auto parts manufacturer, we make a lot parts, engine parts, chassis, some parts that go into transmissions; including steal forging and cast iron machining. So we use a range of tools for milling, drilling and so on. For us, the first tool we used from TaeguTec was a milling cutter, this was one of the best we ever tried and we have never looked back,” said an executive from a large Indian auto parts producer.



MillRush High-Speed Video
(Click Here For More MillRush Videos)




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ChaseMold RTMHX-Machining-NAV SM-A-1

On display were a slew of milling products that have garnered the reputation from some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Some of the products that brought on the most curious at the forefront were the ChaseFeed SBMT, the Chase2Feed BLMP, ChaseHepta 7EMT, Mill2Rush 6NKU and 3PKT, Chase2Mill 4NKT and the HardMill and ApexMill with the Typhoon attachment.

“The 2PKT and 4PKT are good ideas, also some positive inserts that were shown are good to examine too. There was also the interesting turning line that machines very thin materials,” said one of the top brass at another Indian auto parts producer.

During the demonstration for turning products, the Asian metalworking giant displayed the machining prowess of the new Life+ TT7015 and TT7005 cast iron grades on the BlackRush line.

Also, on demonstration on many different materials were the RhinoRush which has changed the face of turning due to its small but strong stature, the T-Turn and TurnRush lines, the ever popular and economical QuadRush line, the T-Clamp and the incredible force from the T-Burst high pressure coolant tool.



RhinoRush High-Speed Video
(Click For More RhinoRush Videos)




Concerning tools to machine miniature components, one auto parts manufacturer explained that there are not many cutting tool providers that offer not only a wide selection of tools, but also tools that consistently outperform the rest.

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TC3020-TC3030-NAV SM-1

“With TaeguTec, we have a wide selection of miniature tools that have increased our production output,” said a parts manufacturer that concentrates on miniature components. “For our needs, I found that the TopMini and TopMicro for threading and face grooving are unmatched but I was also curious to get more information about the TopCap for future reference.”

With all this information supplied to TaeguTec’s visitors, other guests were interested in tool management services like the CTMS and MATRIX.

The MATRIX tool management storage unit comes in two sizes, the MAXI and MINI. It is fully scalable and modular in order to offer the end user full control over storage while also being easy to implement. Furthermore, its powerful software does it all with a range of easy to use and clever features.

The other service, the CTMS, is a business unit dedicated to delivering tool management services and systems to help customers reduce their production costs. The CTMS team comprises tool management professionals in the key areas of logistics, engineering and IT, all critical to cost reduction in the supply chain and manufacturing processes affected by cutting tools.

“We believe that we should get our tools from one company and we believe that they should manage our inventory. It reduces are tooling time and makes sure we always have tools in stock and also the newest tools in stock,” said a manager at another auto parts company.

At the end of the customer seminar, guests left armed with a plethora of information that cater directly to their industry and needs and like one machinist said, “this will help us increase our output and cut our cost, in our business, we need to find ways to beat the competition and I believe TaeguTec has those tools.”



DrillRush High-Speed Video
(Click Here For More DrillRush Videos)




New Product News

TC3020-TC3030-MID NAV LG-1

More New Product News

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Bottom line



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Products on Triple-T

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