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TaeguTec New Product


T-Deep Drilling’s New Big Guns

TaeguTec Releases New Indexable Gundrill, Deep Drilling Heads with Unique Trigonal Insert

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September 25, 2015 – Drilling deep into any material can be a challenge that is best answered by the right cutting tool.

TaeguTec’s new indexable gundrill and deep drilling heads with its unique trigonal insert evacuates chips without damaging the surface finish and delivers coolant directly onto the material while also offering accuracy, repeatability, an excellent surface finish and minimizes cycle times.

The new addition to the T-Deep line covers single and double tube systems and is designed with a direct mounting system that reduces down time.

With a diameter range from 16 millimeters to 28 mm, the new T-Deep indexable gundrill is a versatile tool that can be applied to several industries such as mold and die, power generation, windpower, automitve, shipbuilding, machine tool, railways and oil and gas.

T-Deep-Gundrill-heads-insert-Insert-MID SM-1To accompany the new additions to the T-Deep family, TaeguTec is introducing the TOGT line, a new series of inserts specifically designed for deep hole machining.

The important features of the TOGT insert are a three cutting edge chip splitter that generates optimized chip shapes, a positive rake angle as well as a wiper for excellent hole surface quality and high feed.

By combining both new products into one powerful tool, chips will be reduced into small pieces, making it easy for them to move up the tool’s flute and out of harm’s way, a procedure that minimizes damage to the surface finish and reduces premature tool wear or breakage.

The T-Deep’s rigid clamping system and low spindle runout repeatedly hits targets accurately, while its coolant delivery mechanism that shoots spray directly to the tool’s tip forces the chips out of the hole with ease so that the T-Deep and workpiece remain cool even under the hottest of temperatures.

T-Deep-Gundrill-heads-insert-headFurthermore, the new insert line is available in five sizes – 08 mm-12 mm – and is coated with TaeguTec’s versatile TT9030 PVD grade, an important factor when choosing a tool that cuts cost and increases the productivity of high quality parts.

The TBTA-TR Deep Drilling Heads works in perfect unison with the new T-Deep gundrill in order for it to reduce downtime due to its direct mounting system design, and is available in either a single or double tube system.

New TBTA-TR head is offered either as a single tube with a diameter range of 16 mm-28 mm or as a double tube with a diameter range of 18.4 mm-28 mm.

The TRGD / TRGDL type gundrill holder comes as a driver type or flute length and is designed specifically for machining center and gundrill machines.

For more information regarding these or other TaeguTec cutting tools, or to locate an authorized seller in your area, visit www.taegutec.com

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