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TaeguTec Drives Turkey’s
Automotive Sector into Profitability

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TaeguTec Turkey will be on full display at the 2014 Maktek Eurasia fair showcasing manufacturing solutions for the nation’s fast growing automotive sector, one of the most important parts of the Turkish economy.

Since the late 1960s, the cluster of car-makers and parts suppliers mainly located in the Marmara Region, has become an integral part of the global network of production bases, exporting over $22 billion worth of motor vehicles and components, ranking Turkey the 15th largest producer in the world.


MillRush High-speed Video
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TaeguTec has been there front and center with tools that bring down the cost of production while increasing productivity so that parts can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

When drilling into bearing caps and many other car parts, there is no substitute for the highly successful head changeable DrillRush line which has recently been extended with the introduction of a flat-face geometry head for flat-bottom machining of diameters ranging from 8 to 25.5 millimeters, and 12xD drill that produces deep holes accurately, repeatedly and economically.

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The multi-corner four cutting edge

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AluMill Product Video
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QuadRush, known for high accuracy and surface quality, has also been recently expanded to handle threading applications. With this expansion, TaeguTec is providing end-users the highest productivity and economical tools already employed by end-users in parting and grooving applications.

When milling various alloys and steels parts, Taegutec's benchmark high productivity MillRush line covers the gamut of industries such as automotive, general engineering, die and mold and aerospace by providing a highly productive true 90 degrees milling solution with three helical cutting edge inserts for improved economy.

When slotting is required, TaeguTec’s TopSlot is the go-to tool. The full range of TopSlot tools also comes in a mini format and was recently expanded with the introduction of the a new line of economic mill grooving inserts and cutters to optimally perform slot-machining where the production of hydraulic components and precision groove milling is required.

If it is the manufacturer of cylinder blocks, bearing caps or CV joints, the expertise and range of TaeguTec tools are designed to outperform the competition without drilling a hole in the bottom line.


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Bottom line

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