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News on Triple-T

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Oil, Singapore’s Black Gold

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Singapore has fostered precision engineering by being rich in oil and gas. By 2011, machining was responsible for S$26 billion, or nine percent of Singapore’s total manufacturing output.

TaeguTec’s wide line of hole-drilling tooling solutions, available in the Life+ coating grades (TT8115, TT8125 and TT8135), handle everything from casing heads, tubing heads, chokes and flanges, drill collars and stabilizers. Our comprehensive line covers the manufacture of general and cross hole made products as well as irregular surface drilling and interrupted drilling applications.

High productivity drilling for casing heads and tubing heads have the decisive edge when machinists use TaeguTec’s DrillRush – a line that covers the ranges between 1.5xD to 12xD hole width and offers an extensive depth-of-cut range from 6 millimeters to 25.99 mm, with a hole tolerance capability of 8-10 IT.

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The head changeable drill improves tool life and has excellent chip control over wide cutting conditions and metal types.  Available in two geometries – flat head and point angle geometries – it includes chamfering rings to enable smooth surface finish in deep hole applications without the need for pecking cycles. Moreover, the head changeable drill means reduced set-up time.

For chokes and flanges, TaeguTec’s TopDrill holders are available in 2xD to 5xD width-of-cut and inserts depth-of-cut range from 14mm to 50mm, with hole tolerance between 12-13 IT. Twisted coolant channels with a wide flute design ensure great chip evacuation.

For deep hole drilling components like drill collars and stabilizers, the T-Deep holders are available in 1.5xD to 12xD width-of-cut range.

MTA 15 Oil-Horizon_terminal-1The T-Deep line’s indexable and brazed inserts are capable of a depth-of-cut range from 25mm to 291.99mm and hole tolerance ranging from 7-10 IT. Furthermore, the indexable T-Deep drill achieves a surface finish of up to 3Ám with a high hole tolerance of up to 10 IT while its brazed counterparts achieve a surface finish of up to 2Ám and a hole tolerance that ranges between 7-9 IT.

Productivity and economy are crucial to component manufacturing. TaeguTec tools stand above the competition in saving cost by increasing productivity and repeatability that beat the competition in every turn.

For more information about TaeguTec or to contact TT Tooling Systems, visit www.taegutec.com


DrillRush High-Speed Video
(Click Here For More DrillRush Videos)

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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SpadeRush-NAV SM-1
TT8105 Life+-NAV SM-1
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Mill2rush-TNMX 18-NAV SM-1
Hardmill-NAV SM-1
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