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Products on Triple-T

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Vast Array of Tools Improves
General Machining Sector

Like any great marriage, behind any great country is an even greater support industry that plays a role in every facet of machining products that are used in every sector.

General machining has always been the backbone of Japan’s metalworking field, helping to fuel an economy into one of the most important players in the world.

TaeguTec Tools has an extensive catalogue of tools that will tackle any machining job in every part of this segment.

TopSlot lines of indexable slotting cutters cover slotting widths from 3 millimeter up to 26 mm wide. Both the fixed pocket or cartridge type cutters enable the end user to adjust machining width while offering an economical solution due to its true four corner cutting edges and robust double-sided insert design.

TaeguTec recently expanded the TopSlot line with a new series of economic mill grooving inserts and cutters to optimally perform slot-machining across a wide range of industries.

Designed with precision ground inserts for accuracy while machining, the new mill grooving, three-edge TopSlot line is designed to maximize economic output.

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For drilling applications, there is no need to look any further than the TopDrill. The tools true four corners and the holder’s prominent flute shape with helix type internal coolant ensures chip evacuation and machining stability.

The TopDrill’s ideally configured cutting edges enable optimum chip control, minimizing cutting loads and ensures remarkable machining performance on conventional carbon and alloy steel as well as difficult to machine materials.

One of TaeguTec’s most popular tools is the Mill2Rush. Its six corner double-sided cutting edge inserts is designed to provide an economical solution. Its positive helical cutting edge reduces cutting force and vibration while offering an excellent surface finish.

TaeguTec has also introduced a new concept to the highly popular Mill2Rush line, the TNMX 18 inserts and cutters. The 18 millimeter long insert and its accompanying cutters offers 90 degrees machining solutions for facing, shouldering and slotting applications on a wide range of materials such as aluminum, low and high carbon steel, alloy, tool, stainless and gray cast iron steels.

At JIMTOF, TaeguTec’s line of tools offers only a small glimpse into a segment that is vast and wide with tools that not only serve this sector, but also all other areas of manufacturing.

To witness firsthand demonstrations of TaeguTec tools, contact your local distributor or supplier. For more information in Japan visit www.taegutec.co.jp or for the international site, check out www.taegutec.com

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


SpadeRush-NAV SM-1 Chase2Hepta-expands-All-NAV SM-NEW-1
TopCap-NP-NAV SM-NEW-1 Chase2Feed BLMP 13-NAV SM-1
TurnRush 12mm-03-A--NAV SM-NEW-1 TTAP Kit-01-NAV SM-NEW-1
TT7505-NAV SM-1 TT7015 Life+-NAV SM-1
TT8080-NAV SM-1 ChaseMold RTMHX-Machining-NAV SM-A-1

Products on Triple-T

Splitter-NAV SM-1
Mill2rush-TNMX 18-NAV SM-1
ApexMill-NAV SM-1
TT8105 Life+-NAV SM-1
TopSlot-3edge-NAV SM-NEW-C-1
Life+-NAV SM-1
NP-C2H 6mm-intro-NAV SM-NEW-1
PCD Tools-NAV SM-1
RhinoRush-DNUX-T-Holder-WNMX-NAV SM-NEW-1
RhinoRush-NAV SM-NEW-1
SC endmill grade-NAV SM-NEW-1
T-Burst Swiss-NAV SM-1
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