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News on Triple-T

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TaeguTec India Answers all Machining Needs with
Top Quality Cutting Tools

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The economy of India has become one of the most important players in the world and, in result of this, TaeguTec’s operations in India has emerged as one of the top 2 leading players in the Indian industrial manufacturing sector by producing avant-garde tools that help to shape the future of the country.

Established in 2000, TaeguTec India is today a well-known brand, synonymous for high-tech tooling solutions and excellent customer service.

True to the philosophy of TaeguTec, TaeguTec India constantly improves its products and processes, which in turn helps customers reduce their cost while increasing productivity.

TaeguTec India manufactures a comprehensive range of tools from a state-of–the-art factory located in Bangalore.

IMTEX 15-TT India-DSC_0342-MID SM-1With eight branches within the Indian market, TaeguTec India reaches a wide cross-section of the nation and supplies every major industrial town. Not only that, the company’s service to its customers is backed by the support of a dynamic and competent team of sales and technical support engineers.

The TaeguTec operation in the various Indian manufacturing industries has grown to become a constant contributor and supporter of the nation’s economy. Its tools are used in the nation’s fastest-growing and important sectors of the economy, which includes automotive, power generation, general machining, and the backbone of the Indian subcontinent, railway.

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In response to the growing demand from India’s vibrant economy, TaeguTec has invested heavily in its operations in India by not only building an impressive manufacturing facility, but also expanded its reach by employing a strong labor force that not only researches and develops the tools needed for the future, but also has engineers that can tackle any problem any industry throws at them in order to offer the right cutting tools for the right job.

For more information about TaeguTec tools available in India, visit www.taegutec-india.com or for the international site, check out www.taegutec.com


New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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Hardmill-NAV SM-1
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TaeguTec is renowned for its specialist tungsten carbide cutting tools, tungsten powders, tungsten carbide rolls and industrial products. The specialist tooling engineers at TaeguTec are continually introducing innovative new methods of producing cutting tools for the metal cutting industry, to deliver some of the best cutting tool solutions to various market sectors such as the automotive, mold and die, aerospace and heavy industry sectors. For further information on TaeguTec products, please visit TaeguTec website www.taegutec.com

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