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News on Triple-T

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Shaping Backbone of India’s Transportation, its Railways

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With over 115,000 kilometers of track over a route of 65,436 km and 7,172 stations, it is no surprise that the Indian railway system is one of the largest in the world.

The network transports almost 8.4 billion passengers annually or more than 23 million passengers daily, roughly half of which are suburban passengers, and 1.2 million tons of freight a year.

To accommodate such an immense amount of travel of passengers and cargo over large areas of land, the Indian Railways authority, a state-owned enterprise, consistently expands, upkeeps and upgrades its lines of service.

Regarded as a main artery in the logistics industry – both people and cargo – for India, TaeguTec has developed tooling technologies to support the manufacture of components for an industry that has an exceptionally large demand for manufactured parts.

The machining of new rails, crossing rails and wheels plus the re-shaping of worn wheels and the re-profiling of worn rails gives the industry a huge demand for a diverse range of shaped tools for a variety of profiles; all areas where TaeguTec excels.


TopDrill High-speed Video
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In order to machine rails, a variety of form profiling cutters and inserts are available that cut on cost and increase productivity while also making sure that the products made are of the highest of quality.

DrillRush and TopDrill are two brands that are essential in drilling rails parts when the safety of passengers and cargo is a priority.

When speed and reliability are as big an issue as safety, TaeguTec provides tooling solutions for wheel profiling and axle machining with standard insert solutions. In this regard, TaeguTec recommends the TopDuty line which comes with an immense amount of different inserts that vary in shape, geometry and coating; all important factors when the machining of alloys is as diverse as the nation itself.

Not only that, TaeguTec understands the strict standards that are in place when re-profiling worn train wheels in order to prevent derailing. Therefore, the grade and shape of TaeguTec cutting tools adhere to tight tolerances. With heat treated wheels and interrupted cutting conditions, TaeguTec cutting tools always deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

To make sure that the industry saves on cost, increases productivity and produces parts that meet strict safety requirements, TaeguTec’s research and development guarantees high-quality tools that are based on over 60 years of experience working with tungsten as a raw material and finished product. 

IMTEX 15-RAIL-MID SM-1TaeguTec tools are uniquely designed that are based on cycle times and productivity, repeatability and consistently outperforms the competition.

Furthermore, the company’s staff, which are located in every part of the nation, have an extensive knowledge of the industry and the company’s state-of-the-art computer systems deliver fast and friendly service.

For more information about TaeguTec tools available in India visit www.taegutec-india.com or for the international site, check out www.taegutec.com


New Product News

TT8105 Life+-MID LG-1

More New Product News

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Bottom line


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Products on Triple-T

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T-Holder Combi Clamp-NAV SM-1
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TT8105 Life+-NAV SM-1
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