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News on Triple-T

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Driving Home Exports
of India’s Autos

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India has emerged as Asia's third largest exporter of automobiles, behind Japan and South Korea and is expected to top the world in car volumes with approximately 611 million vehicles on the nation's roads by 2050.

The economic progress of the industry is indicated by the amount of goods and services produced which give the capacity for transportation and boost the sale of vehicles, and, in result of this, plays a crucial role in the growth of the nation.

In order to assist the supporting sectors that rely on the auto industry to achieve their target, TaeguTec continuously delivers cutting tools that help manufacturers cut their cost while increase their productivity.

TaeguTec India’s products and professionals are always front and center with tools that are delivered quickly and efficiently.

IMTEX 14-India-Auto-A-MID SM-1When drilling into bearing caps and many other car parts, there is no substitute for the highly successful head changeable DrillRush line, which has recently been extended with the introduction of a flat-face geometry head for flat-bottom machining and the 12xD drill that produces deep holes accurately, repeatedly and economically.

The multi-corner four cutting edge QuadRush, known for high accuracy and surface quality, has also been recently expanded to handle threading applications. With this expansion, TaeguTec is providing the highest productivity and economical tools already employed by end-users in parting and grooving applications.

When milling various alloys, TaeguTec’s benchmark high productivity MillRush line covers the gamut of industries such as automotive, general engineering, die and mold and aerospace by providing a highly productive line that improves economic output.

When slotting is required, TaeguTec’s TopSlot is the go-to tool. The full range of TopSlot tools also comes in a mini format and was recently expanded with the introduction of a new line of economic mill grooving inserts and cutters to optimally perform slot-machining where the production of hydraulic components and precision groove milling is required.


MillRush High-speed Video
(Click For More MillRush Videos)

If good things come in small packages then TaeguTec’s new line of mini inserts, the RhinoRush, comes at a time when the current economic downturn and improved casting and forging technologies demand a change from the conventional cutting tool.

In order to manufacturer any of the thousands of parts used in making efficient automobiles, the expertise and range of TaeguTec tools are designed to outperform the competition without drilling a hole in the bottom line.

For more information about TaeguTec tools available in India visit www.taegutec-india.com or for the international site, check out www.taegutec.com


New Product News

Chamfering tool-MID LG-1

More New Product News

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Bottom line


RhinoRush-DNUX-T-Holder-WNMX-NAV SM-NEW-1 newchasemold3-NAV SM-NEW-1
NP-EH ChipBreaker-NAV SM-NEW-1 TurnRush 12mm-03-A--NAV SM-NEW-1
DR Flat bottom-TOP-NPA12_02-NAV SM-NEW-1 NPA MillRush Insert Expansion-millrush_image-NAV SM-NEW-1
ChaseMold MLL RYMX-NAV SM-NEW-B-1 Chase2Hepta-expands-All-NAV SM-NEW-1
ChaseMold RTMHX-Machining-NAV SM-A-1 TT7015 Life+-NAV SM-1

Products on Triple-T

T-Clamp-Ultra Plus-NAV SM-A-1
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ChaseMill APKT 1706-NAV SM-1
T-Holder Combi Clamp-NAV SM-1
RR-ML-ScrewClampingBB-NAV SM-1
Life+-NAV SM-1
TT8105 Life+-NAV SM-1
Mill2rush-TNMX 18-NAV SM-1
FineBall-expansion-NAV SM-1
Hardmill-NAV SM-1
NP flex tec_group-NAV SM-NEW-1
TopSlot-3edge-NAV SM-NEW-C-1
Chase2Feed BLMP 13-NAV SM-1
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