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News on Triple-T

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Advancing China’s Mold-Die
into Global Player

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In recent years, China’s mold and die industry has improved significantly and become less dependent on imported molds mostly due to the advancement of technologies and product quality.

By adopting sophisticated new mold technologies, the local industry has improved while at the same time increased the production of high-precision and complex mold and dies.

These advancements have accelerated the advancement of technological applications in the automobile, new energy, household appliances, IT, medical devices, packaging and other industries.

As mold and die makers continually evolve in order to optimize their market structure from low-end to high-end products used in key industries like aerospace, railway, electronics, shipbuilding and other strategic industries, so does their need for high-quality, advanced cutting tools that are not only a cut above the rest, but also help companies cut on cost and increase productivity.

Hardmill-NAV SM-1TaeguTec, the Asian metalworking giant, has a plethora of tools for the shaping of complex 3D forms that mirror or match the intended shape of the final, mass-produced product.

For this, tools need to precisely make the intended 3D form or else 1,000s of products could be scrapped.

TaeguTec’s popular ChaseFeed line was expanded to include the SBMT 13, a high positive helix cutting edge insert designed for smooth machining during high feed machining applications.

The single-sided positive four cutting edge SBMT 13 inserts achieve better cutting force over other double-sided inserts and its in-creased insert thickness gives the line better endurance under high feed conditions.


Chase2Mold's Excellent Chip Evacuation
(Click Here For More Chase2Mold Videos)

The SBMT 13 ChaseFeed easily handles feed rates of up to 2 millimeters per tooth at maximum depths of cut of 2 mm.

For profiling applications, TaeguTec’s Chase2Mold, with its double-sided positive geometry round inserts, offers maxi-mum economy due to its strong insert, cutter design and positive geometries that significantly enhance productivity even in difficult machining applications.

With tougher application requirements demanded from the mold and die and aerospace industries, TaeguTec has recently unveiled the HardMill, a new solid carbide end mill dedicated towards high-speed machining of high hardness materials.

The HardMill’s advanced coating, the TT5505, improves the tool life compared to the current offerings in the market right now.

When it comes down to our most beloved electronic devices or household appliances that make life easier, TaeguTec tools are the right choice for companies looking to cut on cost while increasing productivity.

For more information about TaeguTec tools available in China, visit www.taegutec.com.cn or for the international site, check out www.taegutec.com

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New Product News

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More New Product News

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Bottom line


Chase2Feed BLMP 13-NAV SM-1 QR-TQS 8mm-NAV SM-1
Splitter-NAV SM-1 ApexMill-NAV SM-1
CF SBMT 13-NAV SM-1 ChaseMill APKT 1706-NAV SM-1
IMTEX 15-NAV SM-A-1 T-Burst Swiss-NAV SM-1
Thai Sem-Sp16-DC3A1334-NAV SM-1 TC3020-TC3030-NAV SM-1

Products on Triple-T

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T-Burst-NAV SM-1
T-Holder Combi Clamp-NAV SM-1
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T-Clamp-Ultra Plus-NAV SM-A-1
CM Power-NAV SM-1
DR 6mm-NAV SM-1
Life+-NAV SM-1
RR-ML-ScrewClampingBB-NAV SM-1
SpadeRush-NAV SM-1
TT8105 Life+-NAV SM-1
TopSlot-3edge-NAV SM-NEW-C-1
NP-EH ChipBreaker-NAV SM-NEW-1
Mill2rush-TNMX 18-NAV SM-1
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